10 Million Crowd1 Members!

Crowd1 is officially 10 million members and as a part of our celebration for this prestigious milestone, this article will take you through the journey that took us here. 

Day after day, member after member, Crowd1 continues to break world records and reach new heights in the industry. This milestone is for all Crowd1 members to celebrate as it is your hard work and dedication that got Crowd1 to where we are today. The journey to 10 million members was full of excitement and anticipation, including extraordinary cruises and events. This article is intended to give you a detailed insight into what we have accomplished and experienced together as Crowd1.

Leadership cruise: 11-18 October 2019 

The first Crowd1 leadership cruise set sail the 11th of October 2019 with the MSC Bellissima towards new horizons of business and gratification. The Crowd1 leadership cruise was a luxury sea adventure that was highly appreciated by all attendees. MSC Bellissima is a cruise ship like no other, including luxury champagne bars, top of the line theaters, exhilarating water parks and accommodation of spectacular opulence. The Crowd1 leadership cruise was exclusively granted by the top achieving leaders of Crowd1 and it was an excellent opportunity for the leaders to meet each other and the people behind Crowd1. Roll up your sleeves, keep on building your Crowd1 businesses, and you too can enjoy the benefits of your amazing growth on the sundeck of the next Crowd1 leadership cruise! 

Johannesburg Event: 24 November 2019

Crowd1s first-ever mega event in South Africa was hosted in Johannesburg on the 24th of November of 2019. This specific event sold out and was profoundly anticipated by all 7000 attendees. The intention of the event in Johannesburg was to celebrate our collective Crowd1 achievements. At this event, attendees live performances and entertainment from artists in addition to exciting news and from the top networkers of Crowd1. 

Manila Event: 25 January 2020

The event in Manila was the first Crowd1 event of the anniversary. At this specific event, members of Crowd1 were invited to stage for recognition of their achievements and outstanding accomplishments in their Crowd1 careers. The Manila event offered spectacular entertainment, including traditional Chinese dragon dances performed by world-class performers. The event also featured informational and motivational appearances and speeches provided by the CEO of ICT Group, Johan Staël von Holstein, and the business philosopher, Peter Jacobsson.

Durban Event: 22 February 2020

With more than 7500 smiling attendees filling the studio, the event hosted in Durban is probably Crowd1’s most historic event to date. The event in Durban offered astonishing company updates, motivational speeches, and celebrations of all Crowd1 members. The celebrations in combination with the exciting updates and news provided by the appearances on stage contributed to an unforgettable atmosphere. During the event, two members of the Crowd1 network even got engaged in front of the audience. The now-married South African couple met through Crowd1 and they found that there would not be a better opportunity than to get engaged on a Crowd1 event. After the event was over, attendees were invited to join the Mega party which was hosted on the uShanka Marine World. 


First Worldwide Live Event: 6 June 2020

The tragic rise of the Covid-19 pandemic put an unfortunate pause on the appreciated Crowd1 offline events. Isolation and the restrictions imposed on all forms of socialisation disabled Crowd1 from traveling and offering travel experiences, luxury cruises, and events. This resulted in the first live event which was hosted on the 25th of April 2020. The live event was a success and the Chief of African expansion, Jonathan Ström, the event planner Hanna Kimblad, and the business philosopher, Peter Jakobsson all made fantastic appearances on stage. The founder, Jonas Eric Werner in combination with the CEO of ICT group also spoke in front of the live audience as they shared further company updates and insights to Crowd1. 

Launch of CROWD Magazine: 9 May 2020

The CROWD magazine is Crowd1’s own lifestyle magazine that features company updates, and spotlights of Crowd1 members from around the globe and was initially launched on the 9th of May 2020. Since then, there have been two more editions of the magazine, whereas the third edition was launched on the recent live recognition event. The CROWD Magazine can be purchased in both a digital and physical copy from C-Store. 

Super online world event: 4th of July 2020  

July 4, 2020, was a historical day for Crowd1 as we broadcasted the super world event. At this event, attendees were treated with live performances and entertainment from world-class artists and exciting news and launches of several revolutionizing products such as: 


The innovative and revolutionary app called SAfer is specifically built for the South African market and is brought to Crowd1 members by the global leaders in security response software. SAfer is built for two key aspects, health and security with the common denominator of creating a SAfer community. The SAfer app offers a state of the art tracking system that observes your entered routes and is built with intentions of preventing crisis. Users of SAfer can, for instance, enter the duration it takes to drive to work, and if any strange activities were to occur the SAfer app will contact the user and or emergency services. If the situation is urgent and requires direct contact with emergency services, simply shake the phone.  


Tribute is a lifestyle product with intentions making luxury items affordable. Tribute is a region-specific product and specifies the clothing culture that exists in the area. As with the other products announced at the world event, the Tribute will offer exclusive deals to Crowd1 members where the generated profit will be brought back to the Crowd1 network. 


The C-store is a platform for all the products that we have in Crowd1. Instead of searching all over the place, the C-store enables Crowd1 members to find all our products in addition to the products of our partners at the same place. Members of Crowd1 will find the C-store in their back office. As Crowd1 grows, the C-store will be updated with more products in addition to tickets for upcoming events. 

Recognition event:  

On August 8, 2020, it was once again time for the second ever, live broadcasted World Recognition Event. An event filled with spectacular appearances by some of the biggest speakers in Crowd1 today, including Björn Arnstedt, Jean Michele Cideme, and many more. The event also offered company updates such as double BP, Crowd1 Impactor youtube channel, and recognition of the achievements made by C1 members around the globe. 

This milestone is for all Crowd1 members to celebrate as it is your hard work and dedication that got Crowd1 to where we are today. The journey to 10 million members was full of excitement and anticipation, including extraordinary cruises and events. On behalf of Crowd1, we thank you for your hard work and dedication and contributions to this business. Together we are breaking world records and reaching new unbelievable heights in the industry. We look forward to sharing what the bright future with Crowd1 has to offer.