5 Quick ones with Jean-Michel Cideme

Jean-Michel Cideme is not a beginner in the Network Marketing Industry. For over 20 years, he has been in the business of helping people succeed and reach their goals. Joining Crowd1 only 10 months ago, he has already managed to reach level President **.

"Talent does not wait for the number of years, and excellence requires 10,000 hours of work."

1. What is your pre-show ritual?

Before each event, I prepare myself by doing 10 sets of 20 push-ups in the morning. Then, I visualise my intentions in my head while listening to music so that I know exactly when I should use certain gestures, modulate the tone of my voice and use important words because for me perfection is in the details.

2. One thing we don’t know about you?

In March 2003, at 23 years old, I made my first MLM income of over $5,000. I had promised myself to give my mother a cruise, who had always supported me in my business, but I made the mistake of telling her about it, and she refused saying I should wait and take advantage of my first big paycheck. Sadly, she died a month later from severe cancer. My daughters, wife and brothers have become my exceptional source of motivation to never put off until tomorrow what needs to be done today.

3. What is the best advice you have received?

Talent does not wait for the number of years, and excellence requires 10,000 hours of work. In other words, your success and the excellence of your results depend on the time you are willing to sacrifice to get there.

4. Favourite day?

I live days of success, joy and challenge regularly, so it is very difficult for me to answer this question! However, one of the days that literally changed my life was the birth of my first daughter. Going from being a man to being a father boosting my goals in life and removing any excuses I could find for myself when I didn’t have results. Because I no longer work for myself but for my family.

5. The house is on fire. What do you grab?

If the house is on fire, I take my daughters and my wife with me. These are the people I will put my life in danger for because I taught my daughters that what you achieve once you can achieve it another time so nothing is more important than your health and your dreams.