5 Quick ones with Linda Pritchard

Linda Pritchard gives you energy and joy on stage both as a singer and dancer. She has accomplished a lot during her career, and few might not know that she has been a backup singer to Celine Dion.

"Where strong winds blow, good timber grows."

1. Pre-show ritual?

I like to be alone before I go on stage. A moment to get focused and to get in the zone.

2. Something we don’t know about you?

Nobody makes popcorn as good as I do.

3. What is the best advice you have received?

I have a quote that’s been with me since I was a teenager, “where strong winds blow, good timber grows.”

4. What makes a perfect day?

I absolutely love my job! So when I get to be on stage, it is a really good day.

5. The house is on fire. What do you grab?

The kids, wake up the (one-day-if-he-could-pop-the-question-al- ready) “husband,” phone... Hm... and other stuff I can carry on the way out.