Crowd1 Inspiration: 8 Etiquette Tips for Online Meetings

Among positive Crowd1 news and stories, we introduce to you this follow up episode of the series called Crowd1 Inspiration. The Crowd1 Inspiration series is dedicated to sharing business and motivational related content, in order to inspire your personal success. Do you want to learn how to be an online meeting professional? Put your best face forward and use these advice for your digital meetings.

The world as we know it is becoming more digitized and online in many aspects, where canceled business trips, closed offices are increasing the number of telecommuters. Meetings that would have taken place face to face in an office are now held online which has created some strange and unusual problems and habits for employees and managers alike.

This includes workers showing up without pants to a last-minute meeting, technical difficulties, and sudden disconnections. Even if you personally have not experienced any of these issues, chances are that someone affiliated to you has.  

So, how can you make sure your own video conferences can go with ease? How can you make sure your online meetings are productive and still professional? Here are some timely etiquette tips for the online generation. 

Test your equipment ahead of time

First of all, if you want your online meeting to go with ease, make sure you test your equipment in advance. No matter what platform you are using, make sure you do a test meeting before the actual live business meeting begins. 

Preventions such as poor internet connections and sudden disconnections could slow down the productivity of your online meeting, or even kick you out of the meeting altogether. Testing your equipment in advance will help you detect any problems and it will show that your equipment is working and make connecting to the online meeting easier and less stressful. If you experience any difficulties while testing your equipment, you will have plenty of time to fix them! 

Show up on time - or preferably, a few minutes early

Whether the meeting takes place in the conference room or in an online meeting room, showing up late is always unprofessional. In addition, since you cannot predict when a technical issue will come your way, it is best to join the meeting a few minutes early.

However, if showing up early for your online meeting is not an option, at least be on time! Set a timer on your smartphone and mark the meeting on your calendar and be ready with the online meeting room open.

Dress the part

Telecommuters working in their bathrobes and slippers are all too common, there are already plenty of stories of employees showing up to their online meetings in all kinds of strange apparel. Do yourself a favor, dress for success! Wear clothes that you would normally wear in the office, this will also help you keep a professional tone and workflow. 

Even if you spend the rest of the workday in sweatpants and a T-shirt, be sure to dress in work attire before the online business meeting starts. Some telecommuters always keep a formal suit close so they can be ready for last-minute meetings.

For the full list of advice, check out the article originally published in CROWD magazine vol.3 at Crowd1.

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