A Guide to Internet Safety

Crowd1 is an established company and business opportunity that was started in 2019. The tagline “Unleashing Opportunities” describes the company perfectly, as Crowd1 provides people with the tools and products they need in their journey towards success. 

Unfortunately, the reputation of Crowd1 has in the past been tarnished by online fraudsters who claim to work for Crowd1. This is unfortunate, because this causes grave damage to the honest, hard working Crowd who dedicate their time to making Crowd1 as good as it can possibly be. 

These fraudsters have scammed people through fake Facebook ads directing people to a “Crowd1'' WhatsApp group. Once in the WhatsApp group, potential victims are asked to pay a large amount of money that is said to double in an extremely short amount of time. These ads were not created by Crowd1, but are made to look like they were. 

The scammers have also pretended to be Directors, or even the CEO, of Crowd1 and have sent messages to their victims on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Most of the people who receive scamming messages like these are unfortunately unaware of what Crowd1 really is and trust the words of scammers. If you are approached by someone claiming to be a Crowd1 Affiliate, make sure you do your own research first.

Signing up for Crowd1 is 100% free. If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate, you need to sign up through Crowd1’s official website. Always create your account yourself; never ask someone to do it for you. These measures are necessary to guarantee your safety.

In a digital world where more and more important processes move online, it is more important than ever before that we learn how to combat scamming and online fraudsters. As consumers as well as individuals, it’s important to thoroughly inspect all messages, emails or business proposals that we are sent. A great rule of thumb is that when something sounds too good to be true: it probably is!

If you are unsure whether a message you have received is authentic or not, please contact Crowd1 Compliance directly. We always do our best to respond as soon as possible. Follow this link for a curated list of websites that have been blacklisted by Crowd1 Compliance.

To read more about Crowd1, follow this link.

Please note that:

- Crowd1 does not operate through WhatsApp. 

- Crowd is not an investment opportunity, nor has it ever claimed to be one.

- Crowd1 will never ask you for your login details outside of the official website.