A matter of time with Peter Jakobsson

If you ask for something and work hard enough, most of the time, the world will give it to you. But remember–the universe has no favourites; it favours no one. Everyone has the same laws to operate under. Success is obedient to laws.

A remarkable thing is that some people accomplish more in a day than others do in a week. Why is that? They manage their time. Time management is essential to any task or business that wants to be successful. High achievers have the same amount of time that low producers do.

Let us take a look at time. Everyone has the same amount of time. We are each given 24 hours in a day. You can't live in yesterday or tomorrow, so you have to live in the now. We have 8760 hours in a year. But since most people operate under the 40-hour workweek, we use that as an example.

That gives each and every one approximately 6000 hours when we are awake. If we work around 2000 hours out of that time, it gives us almost 4000 hours, not sleeping or working, that everyone has at hand and can do whatever they want to with. Some people never had the experience of running their own business and planning their own time. Ever since we were born, there has always been someone to take care of us and plan our time. When we were babies–they took care of us, when we came to school–they planned everything for us, and when we had our first job–someone told us what to do. Now is the time to plan our own time.

Let's go back to our hours. We all have approximately 4000 hours, where we can succeed if planned well. Most people waste time on non-money producing activities and complain about why they are not successful or have the money they need. But they fail to realise that they put them in that situation by wasting valuable time.

You need to plan your days, weeks and months. You need to have a to-do list everyday written down to follow through. You have to give yourself a deadline for everything you do to track your progress. The truth is often a harsh awakening for many–but we are now the captain of our own ship, and the ones responsible for our success. There is no other to blame. We have to learn day by day to master our own life. What others do is their problem. If we want success, we have to be disciplined and thorough from the very start.

And if you do that, your best life is suddenly the rest of your life – because you are not who you think you are, you are who you THINK YOU ARE.