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Here is a selection of news from all around the world. The purposes of our news is to inspire, entertain or simply to offer a piece of knowledge. This article specifically, showcases news from Africa and Asia.

Greetings from

South Africa

There is a train parked on a bridge in Kruger National Park that will become a luxury hotel. Here you will be able to book a stay which includes food and beverages, and a guided vehicle tour in the park.


Even though many museums closed down due to the coronavirus, The Royal Carriages Museum in Cairo will after almost 20 years of closure open up again in the upcoming month. It has been renovated, and here you can admire the exquisite royal carriages of members of the Mohamed Ali family.


The Giza Pyramids reopens again after almost three months of closure due to the pandemic. 


Greetings from Asia


Taipei was in for a treat on June 21st 2020, witnessing a solar eclipse. Scientists tell that something like this won't happen for another 195 years. The unique event occurs when the sun, moon and earth are aligned, causing a shadow over the earth. The sun was covered by the moon by 99 percent.


Fuji-Q Highland, an amusement park near Tokyo, reopened last month after its virus shutdown. It asked riders to avoid screaming when they go on its rollercoasters, to minimise spreading droplets, and instead "scream inside your heart". And to encourage people to play along, it's getting riders to put on their most "serious face" for the ride photo. They can share their photo online  in the #KeepASeriousFaceChallenge, and those who do best will be given free day passes.

Saudi Arabia

School children at the British International School of Jeddah broke a world record by building a chain of 323,103 plastic bottle caps into an 8,984.6-foot chain.


Local officials are trying new strategies due to the coronavirus. Dressed as Star Wars characters, local officials in Manila are out and about to enforce strict quarantine measures while also handing out relief packages.

South Korea

A light show in Seoul lit up the sky with 300 drones in different colours. The purpose of the show was to tell everyone to wash their hands, keep a distance and show gratitude towards key workers by a grand thank you.