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Here is a selection of news from all around the world. The purpose of our news is to inspire, entertain or simply to offer a piece of knowledge. This article showcases news from Africa and Asia. 

Greetings from Africa


A Libyan man and Chelsea fan was relaxing on a beach when he witnessed someone drowning. Rushing out to save him, the person rescued found the young man nowhere to be found. After a 20 minute search, he was found underwater and rushed to a hospital where he spent 24 hours in a coma before making a full recovery. When Chelsea football player Pulisic heard about the happening, he recorded a video which was sent to the man. "You are brave and deserve to be described as a hero or a legend," Chelsea midfielder Pulisic said in a video." You saved a stranger from drowning, your behaviour in this situation is impressive, you really deserve to be described as a legend, I wish you the best."


When a young man from Harare couldn't find his hometown on Google street view, he did some research, only to find out that the entire Zimbabwe was absent. He decided to do the filming himself and borrowed camera equipment from Google and set out on the road. He filmed throughout the country, including many different cities, roads and the Victoria Falls.

South Africa

A song called "Jerusalema" made by producer and DJ Master Kg featuring the singer Nomcebo has gone viral and is getting global attention. The #JerusalemaDanceChallenge was created and encouraged people to dance, as it shows that music can bring people together, especially in this challenging year.


In Kenya, a group of female park rangers has been formed. Calling themselves "Team Lioness," they are working towards improving equality and defying stereotypes and traditions. Today, team Lioness are working together with a group of 68 other park rangers; all of whom are men. They believe that to be a park ranger a love for animals and nature is the most important. If you are a man or a woman, it should not matter.

Greetings from Asia

New Zealand

New Zealand has dropped almost all of their Covid-19 restrictions, for example, it is no longer mandatory to wear masks on public transport. This is because a majority of the country has returned to level one, the lowest level on a four-tier alert system, after seven days of no new cases.


A 63-year-old woman is skating around the roads of Bangkok as a way of recovering from the breast cancer she was diagnosed with ten years ago. Today she is healthy and uses skateboarding as a way of building strength, relaxation and having fun. She recently became the oldest member of Thailand's national longboarding team.


A rare breed of turtles has been saved from extinction in Myanmar. Recognised by their seemingly smiling faces, not long ago, there were approximately only ten left living in the wild. Today, because of efforts made by the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Turtle Survival Alliance, 1000 turtles have been bred in captivity. They are soon to be released into the wild.


Earlier this year, Nepal's government organised a six-week clean-up of Mount Everest. Empty cans, plastic and climbing gear, has for decades been littered by climbers visiting the world-famous attraction. The trash of different kinds is now being upcycled and reused. One luxury hotel in Kathmandu is even using water glasses that were made from old bottles found on the mountain.