Around the Globe

From one corner to the next, acts of kindness are positively spreading across the world. This part of around the globe features news from Africa and Asia.

Greetings from Africa 


A new, important wildlife rehabilitation project has been introduced in Uganda. For three years, starting 2020, millions of native trees will be planted to help restore the environment in the Albertine rift. The rift is one of the most biodiverse regions of the African continent and crucial to many species as well as a key habitat to endangered chimpanzees. For anyone interested in contributing or getting involved, visit their website

Noupoort, Africa

When the youth football club Olympiakos had their games cancelled due to the pandemic they wanted to do something to help people. Because they had so much time on their hands, they decided to start a community soup kitchen project to help people suffering from the effects of the pandemic. They have helped 140 community members, out of which 72 were children.


For the first time in history, married women in Botswana have the rights to own land. It was a matter of heart for the, as of 2019, newly elected president, Mokgweetsi Masisi. By putting an end to the discriminatory treatment that the older legislation meant, this is a large step to help women step up and claim their legitimate land rights.

Greetings from Asia 


For the first time in over 120 years, a team of scientists have discovered a giant coral reef that is taller than the empire state building. It was found in the already discovered Great Barrier reef. The discovery of this detached coral reef is great since it proves that there are still new structures and species to discover, in the depths of the ocean. 


A single, 20-kilogram crate of oranges was recently sold at a Japanese auction for 1 million yen (9,600 usd). The mandarin oranges, also called mikan, was the first batch of produce sold to start off the mikan season. The price of the first batches sold at the auction helps set the prices for the rest of the year and is very important for the fruit industry. It might seem extremely expensive, but the highest bidding price last year was also in the million range. 

Hong Kong

Due to the pandemic there has been a decline in ferry traffic which has helped the Chinese white dolphin return to the Pearl River Delta in Hong Kong. Their colour is rather pink than white giving them a unique look. Hopefully, future work will improve the living conditions for all animals living in the sea surrounding Hong Kong.


A man named Shiva has helped the police retrieve lost objects as well as dead bodies from water courses for 20 years. Because he knew how to swim, he was a useful resource for the local police that began paying him for it. He has not only helped those who have lost their lives, as of today he has saved more than 100 people by stopping them before they jump. Shiva has lost many friends and says that because he couldn’t save them, he is trying to make up for that by saving the lives of others.