Around the Globe pt. 2

Here is a selection of news from all around the world. The purpose of our news is to inspire, entertain or simply to offer a piece of knowledge. This article showcases news from Europe and South America. 

Greetings from Europe


Castelluccio de Norcia usually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Still, this year 20 it is a lot quieter. Photographers Antonio Masiello and Tiziana Fabi travelled to the fields to share photographs of the flowering, which is called "La Florita" and emerges from May to June. 

Great Britain

Over 1500 artists and musicians have signed a letter to the government saying they need support to save the live music industry. Famous artists such as Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones and Ed Sheeran have all signed the open letter stating they want the business to continue when the pandemic is over. Therefore asking the government for a helping hand. 


The Louvre in Paris opened up again on July 6th, after almost four months being closed. The museum demands that all visitors must wear a mask. There will also be painted squares on the floor to prevent any further spread of the disease. 


A Turkish paragliding instructor rigged up a couch and a TV so he could become a "couch potato" hundreds of feet in the air.


A hangover-museum has opened up in the Croatian capital Zagreb.

Greetings from South America


Latin America has become the epicentre of the global coronavirus pandemic, but one group seems to be resisting its effects better than the rest: people in the Andes. Only ten per cent of cases have been registered in areas over 3,000 meters above sea level. Similar patterns can be seen in neighbouring Bolivia. The experts have not yet figured out why it looks this way. One theory is that people living at high altitudes get a different kind of respiratory system. They are believed to have lower levels of angiotensin-converting enzyme, which is a kind of entrance ticket for the virus. 


Jaguars could have doubled in the southwestern part of the Atlantic Forest in 15 years. Studies using camera traps at over 200 sites, taking more than 440 000 images during last year, indicates a steady increase in numbers since the study began in 2005, which is good news for the largest cat in South America.


A lightning bolt has set the world record being 709 kilometres long. Stretching from Argentina across Brazil and all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. 

Easter Island, Chile

New evidence has been found for incredible ancient travels between the Americas and eastern Polynesia. DNA analysis suggests there was mixing between Native Americans and Polynesians around AD 1200.


Juan Manuel Ballestero sailed from Portugal to Argentina just to be with his parents under the pandemic. When he realised all the flights to Argentina were cancelled, he left his home in Portugal within 24 hours and has now, three months later, arrived at his parents home in Mar del Plata. Right in time for Argentinian fathers day. 


Production of the beer Corona has been temporarily shut down. The Mexican authorities decided to shut down the non-essential businesses. Therefore Grupo Modelo, the company that produces the beer, had to stop making the drink.