Around the Globe pt.2

From one corner to the next, acts of kindness are positively spreading across the world. This part of around the globe features news from Europe and South America.

Greetings from Europe 


A British man had planned to propose to his girlfriend in Italy but when their vacation was canceled due to Covid-19, he knew he had to change his plans. To achieve his dream proposal, he decided to bring Italy to them. As they went for dinner at an Italian restaurant in London the chefs wrote “Will you marry me?” in crust across their two pizzas. She said yes and they both enjoyed their dinner including the delicious, custom pizzas.


A negative effect of environmentally friendly wind turbines is that birds often get hurt in collisions with them. At a Norwegian wind farm, a nine year long study has led to exciting results. The bird strikes can be decreased by up to 70 percent just by painting one blade of the turbine black. The darker colour helps the birds see and avoid the dangerous blades.


A disabled German woman had for a long time been frustrated by the amount of public places that are inaccessible to her as a wheelchair. To combat the problem, together with her husband, she built ramps made out of Lego. The ramps are made- to-order and can be found outside of multiple different shops, cafes and even hair salons in her hometown, German city Hanau.


A filmmaker named Vicky Bennison moved to Italy and became fascinated by the older women that belong to the last generation that makes pasta daily to feed their families. She decided to start a project, dedicated to capturing this art of handmade pasta. Over the past four years Vicky has filmed more than 200 italian nonnas (grandmothers) and her Youtube channel “Pasta Grannies” has about 455,000 dedicated subscribers. 

Greetings from South America 


WWF International together with Indigenous rights groups are educating Andean tribes on how to use drones for forest protection. The various tribes who already know the forest well can use the drones to help them protect wildlife as well as identify, find evidence and report illegal logging activities. 


An architect in the world's highest city, El Alto, is designing unique houses to help renew the sense of indegenous pride. Both facades and interiors have been designed in the Aguayo style, Aguayo is a traditional cloth used by the Aymara indigenous community. The spectacular and well-planned houses have received worldwide attention.


A frog from Ecuador recently had the journey of its life. By hiding in a cluster of bananas, it managed to travel over 9000 km from its home in Ecuador to Northampton in England. Nicknamed “Juan”, it was discovered by staff at the local supermarket. He was immediately handed over to the care of specialist keepers and a supermarket spokesperson guaranteed that they would help find Juan a new home.