Back to basics with Peter Jakobsson

Whenever you start something, you are always going to begin at zero. This means you will have a starting point and a finish line. Most successful people have one thing in common – they all set goals. Let's go back to basics.

There are, of course, many other traits and common denominators of successful people. However, it all starts with intention. You need to have a major 'why' to give you the driving force you need. When you find out 'why,' then the 'how' is easy. When it comes to the goal-setting, it always comes down to five key areas where people need or want a change in their lives. Those five areas are:

1) Where and how they live

2) What kind of a car they drive

3) Travel and vacation

4) Finances

5) Family

People want to change how they live. Maybe they want to move from an apartment to a house, a house to a mansion, a one-car garage to a two or three-car garage, a run-down car to one that runs even if it's cold outside, a regular car to a sports car. People want to travel the world, see places and have the freedom to choose to stay at 4-star hotels instead of motels. There are so much you can change with just a little bit more money.

Speaking of money, maybe you want to save something for the future and schooling for your kids. You could invest some money and a little bit extra just for the heck of it.

Either you take control of your life or someone else will.

When people realise the power of having goals that give them the extra energy and inspiration to go from one success to another, they will get addicted to goal setting. Realising that life will always move in the direction of the mind's most dominant picture, people will be more careful about what they spend time thinking about. Either you take control of your life or someone else will. Either you put those pictures there, or you will let someone else decide what direction your life is going in.

It is never too late to start because there is no time limit on thinking. You are the captain of your ship, and you make the decision in what direction your life will go. Never forget that. Good luck and see you at the top.

Peter Jakobsson