Become a Pinterest Professional

Crowd1 is a modern company with digital products. With large parts of the business taking place online, Crowd1's Affiliates, the Crowd, are active users of different kinds of social media. The perks of social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok is the fact that you can reach a larger audience of people. They are great tools to used when spreading the word of Crowd1's business. There is quite a lot of written pieces of information online about Crowd1, both on Crowd1's Official Website and on the Official Facebook Page.

But what if you want to share something else with people new to Crowd1, such as pictures? Texts consisting of hundreds of words are simply too much information sometimes. The saying "A picture says more than a 1000 words" couldn't be more true. This is why Crowd1 is active on Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an image sharing platform, used by private individuals as well as global companies. It allows its users to use, download and share images. Pinterest allows people to create their own pinboard, a "folder" where pictures (also called pins) can be saved. Crowd1's Official Pinterest Accounts is regularly updated with pictures from Mega and Recognition Events, Dubai Live, Leadership trainings and much more!

Use Crowd1's pictures on Pinterest on all of your online platforms to make your feed even more fun and interesting. If someone who is new to the company has questions, referring them to Pinterest is a great idea. Happy Networking!

Find Crowd1's Official Pinterest here.