Common Myths About Network Marketing

If myths about network marketing have made you cynical, you could be self-sabotaging your own future. Crowd1 is the industry’s fastest-growing global digital network marketing company – that type of growth does not come without its doubters and nay-sayers who will say and do anything to slow down the company’s success and growth. Misinformation has been circulating about Crowd1 lately, and that information is often inaccurate and misleading. Here are some common myths about Crowd1 and its network marketing.

Only the person at the top makes money. This argument more accurately describes a standard job. How often does a minimum wage worker just get recruited to become the CEO? Many quality employees never get the advancement and monetary compensation their quality of work deserves and entitles them to. This argument and notion suggest that only the people who establish membership and career early make money, which is not true. Many ground-floor members make less in comparison to some who came in years later. The truth is, in good network marketing companies, members can make any desired amount of money, regardless of their position in the organization. Income is correlated with effort, hard work, and not position. Furthermore, while members of multilevel marketing companies are favored to earn greater income and rewards based on their efforts, they don’t change position in the company unless people above them leave the organization. That means, no matter when you join or where you are in the organization, you have an equal chance to succeed. 

Eventually, the program will get saturated. Saturation is impossible because there is not a finite number of people. Every day new people are born or turn 18, thereby adding new potential network marketers to the pool of prospects. Tim Sales, in Zig Ziglar’s book, Network Marketing for Dummies, offers the best argument against the saturation myth. Success or failure has less to do with network marketing itself, and instead, is determined by the amount of effort that one puts into their business. Will and thrive are the keys to success. 

No one really gets rich in network marketing. It’s true that not everyone succeeds in network marketing, but that is true for every business. The 2-10% of network marketers and digital entrepreneurs who earn large amounts of money are the same 2-10% who work consistently in and around their businesses. But becoming successful shouldn’t necessarily be how the industry of network marketing is judged (not to mention “rich” is a relative concept). Instead, network marketing should be measured by the number of people who reach their goals. The definition of success is different for everyone, however, a lot of people in network marketing experience their success when they earn enough money to spend more time with loved ones/on their hobbies or even as pay off debt/loans. 

Network marketing has its issues, but many of them hinge around false and misleading information. You can achieve success in a network marketing venture if you gain a solid understanding of the industry, choose a company carefully, find a quality sponsor, and commit time and effort to your business.