CROWD vol. 4 & Alice Svensson

The latest volume of CROWD Magazine is now available in the C-store featuring Alice Svensson from the Crowd1 movie. Enjoy 5 new member spotlights, interviews with Jean-Michel Cideme, and other Recognition Event participants. You will also find tips on how to build your social media brand, and much more. 

Alice Svensson

She could sing before she could talk and toured around Sweden at the age of thirteen, with her appearances in Swedish hit music scene, Alice Svensson is a clear example of someone who sang her way to success. You might recognize her from the Crowd1 movie or from her charming performances on the Crowd1 stage. In the fourth edition of the CROWD Magazine, you get a full interview with Alice Svensson, where we ask questions about her journey to success and about her adoption from Vietnam. Alice was adopted from Vietnam when she was just a baby, and with her breakthrough, interest in her grew in Vietnam. So much that a persistent journalist contacted her and claimed to have found her biological mother. 

She was fifteen when she came second place in Swedish Idol – the huge singing competition franchise adapted in over 46 regions around the world, with its various versions broadcast to 159 countries worldwide. But it was during that competition Alice had her 'aha' moment. 

Alice Svensson has just left the dress-fitting for the World Recognition Event on Saturday, August 8. She is satisfied with the outfits they put together, although she kicks herself for forgetting to bring a tulle-skirt she claims, "would be perfect with that top." She points to a high pile of colour and texture mishmash, impossible to figure out what exactly she is referring to.

In the interview, Alice also told CROWD about yet another moment that rocked her world… 

Jean-Michel Cideme

Jean-Michel Cideme is not a beginner to the Network Marketing Industry. For over 20 years, he has been in the business of helping people succeed and reach their goals. Joining Crowd1 only 10 months ago, he has already managed to reach the two-star President level. CROWD caught up with Jean-Michel Cideme to ask him 5 quick ones. 

Frida Boisen

Vol. 4 of CROWD also features an exclusive sit-down with the journalist, author, lecturer, digital strategist, and tv-show host Frida Boisen to talk about social media and its importance. During this exclusive interview, we were presented professional tips and tricks on how social media can be used to build a strong brand in addition to why social media is dominating the advertising industry. 

Spotlight series

Leaders are stepping up every month and working harder than ever to educate, recruit, and most of all, inspire. The spotlight light series is, therefore, intended to motivate and to recognize these hard-working individuals. It is because of people like them that make Crowd1 the incredible network that it is and the spotlight series is your chance to get to know the people behind the success. In Vol.4 of the CROWD magazine, the spotlight series features Marie Clarie Ingabire, Themba Mkhwani, Sandra Mabuto, Baranikumar Elangovan, and Miriam Wambui Kamau. 

This article was intended to give you an insight and preview to what the new CROWD Magazine has to offer, purchase the magazine in the C-Store to continue reading about these interesting topics. 

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