Introducing: Crowd1 Behind The Teams #1 Renze Deelstra

Introducing Crowd1 Behind The Teams project

Crowd1 interview is a new project in which Crowd1 team leaders from all around the world are interviewed about themselves and their personal journey. These selected leaders will share their testimonial and use their experiences to give a Crowd1 review. With the purpose to inspire as well as educate, three episodes will be released shortly on the official Crowd1 YouTube channel.

In an interview with the dutch Ambassador **, Renz Deelstra, told CROWD about his 30 year background in network marketing and his experiences growing up in the industry. Deelstra’s mother was active within the network marketing industry which Deelstra claimed is the primary reason to why he got involved in the first place. Deelstra continued by saying that, “helping people, making people awake and to develop people,” has grown into a burning passion and that it has almost become a part of his DNA. 

 “Consistency breeds momentum” 

When asked about his journey to his personal successes in life, Deelstra responded with his favorite saying which is that, “consistency breeds momentum,” and elaborated by giving CROWD an insight into his working routine and core belief. Working hard and dedication to passion will guarantee desired results and outcomes according to him. 

Through his 10 webinars a day, big heart, and passion, Deelstra is truly changing and improving people's lives. During the interview with Deelstra, it was apparent that he is committed to his career and wants to use his Crowd1 network and platform to its fullest potential.

The full interview with Mr. Renze Deelstra is already uploaded to the Crowd1 YouTube account. The other inteviews will be uploaded later this week, make sure to stay tuned.