Crowd1 Behind The Teams #2 Björn Arnstedt

Crowd1 interview is a new project in which Crowd1 team leaders from all around the world are interviewed about themselves and their personal journey. These selected leaders will share their testimonial and use their experiences to give a Crowd1 review. With the purpose to inspire as well as educate, three episodes will be released shortly on the official Crowd1 YouTube channel.

The Swedish Ambassador **, Björn Arnstedt, has been a networker since 1998 and built global networks in mostly Asia and now Africa in recent years. During Arnstedts 22-year-long career as a global networker, he has worked closely with mentors such as Peter Jakobsson that has taught him the core fundamentals of networking in addition to converting and building networks in the modern online world.

"Ask a lot and ask for help" 

When asked what advice Arnstedt would give his younger self, Arnstedt told CROWD that he would follow and reference successful people even more. Arnstedt said that he would take habits of successful people into practice and imitate their behaviours in addition to set higher goals than what he did in his younger past. 

Arnstedt continued by emphasising the importance of asking a lot and asking for help. Arnstedt insisted that asking questions helps your pursuit or desired results but that it also shows the people around you that you are willing to improve and succeed. 

During the interview with Arnstedt, it became apparent that Crowd1 is a big part of Arnstedts life as it has allowed him to change and to influence people's lives. Arnstedt is very dedicated to his Crowd1 career, and he continues to inspire and motivate people daily. His wish is for his daughter and others to continue his legacy and the legacy of Crowd1.