Crowd1 Behind the Teams #3 George van Wijk

Crowd1 interview is a new project in which Crowd1 team leaders from all around the world are interviewed about themselves and their personal journey. These selected leaders will share their testimonial and use their experiences to give a Crowd1 review. With the purpose to inspire as well as educate, three episodes will be released shortly on the official Crowd1 YouTube channel.

The Dutch Ambassador **, George van Wijk has been a part of the network marketing industry for more than 25 years. In the interview he talks about his background in the hotel and restaurant businesses. He explains how he later moved on to start working with network marketing. The first company in the network marketing industry that he worked with was a Dutch company based in Amsterdam.

He goes on to talk about how he has worked for many different network marketing companies in his 25 years in the industry but none of them is comparable to Crowd1. He puts great emphasis that what Crowd1 has become and where the company is at today is amazing.

“Crowd1 is in my DNA”

When asked what Crowd1 means to him, van Wijk is fast to reply with “everything”. He told CROWD that Crowd1 is the first thing on his mind, every morning. He explains that it no longer is his profession, it has become his passion and a lifestyle. He laughs as he says that he feels like Crowd1 is part of his DNA; he lives it and loves it.