Crowd1 Compliance

Everything you need to know about the expectations we have for Crowd1 members. 

Every Crowd1 Member has a responsibility to act with integrity and honesty while they are working with the company. We spoke with Martin Bylsma, the head of Crowd1's Compliance Department, to outline the expectations we have of our members.

Why is compliance so important?

Compliance is one of the main pillars of establishing a strong organization. It is important as it protects our corporate integrity. Members who exhibit poor behavior and misbehave can have a negative impact on the company. 

They will also have a negative influence on all members as well as other people working in the company. Compliance is a resource that Crowd1 uses to further educate members so that they can behave in accordance with the company's principles. Crowd1 is at its best when all members are aware of and follow the terms and conditions. 

Many countries around the world are unfamiliar with the business model of Crowd1 and similar companies, which is why local authorities may conduct inquiries. It is important to have a compliance department that can interact with authorities and answer any questions.

What is the task of the compliance department?

The compliance department has one of the most significant responsibilities of any department: to ensure that the company's policies are followed. The aim is to protect the company's reputation while also preventing and detecting any rule violations.

In basic terms, this means upholding the terms and conditions and ensuring that all representatives adhere to them. Without a proper functioning compliance department, a company risks damage at multiple levels, such as financial, organizational, and reputational.

What expectations does Crowd1 have on its members?

Members have expectations on Crowd1 and the organization has expectations of its members as well. As a member, you are just as eager as the company's employees to protect it. As soon as you become a member, you have a responsibility to do your best to portray Crowd1 as accurately as possible. If members do not meet these expectations, there will be consequences.

What happens when members misbehave?

When a member misbehaves their Crowd1 account risks permanent suspension. The truth is that the majority of Crowd1 members are well-behaved and never act against the terms and conditions. It is unfortunate that the wrongdoings of some people have an effect on all other members. 

Crowd1 is concerned about its members well-being and strives to educate them so that they can maximise their performance and follow the current terms and conditions. For a sustainable long term company future, compliance is key. 

One reason why members are suspended is because of cross recruiting. Cross recruiting is when a distributor uses connections made while working for one company to hire distributors for a rival company.

How do I report members who misbehave?

To report a member who is not following the current terms and conditions, please contact the compliance department either via the support form in your back office or via this email

What are the most common misconceptions about Crowd1?

A common misconception of Crowd1 is that it is a way to “get rich quick”. This is simply not true. As with any other business, Crowd1 is a company in which you have to dedicate time and effort in order to achieve the results you want. Most people understand the Crowd1 business model but our mission is to educate the few who don't.

Top 3 most important rules to be aware of as a member?

  1. Crowd1 is not an investment opportunity, it is a business opportunity. Crowd1 is actively working against the get rich quick mentality as it is harmful to the company and to all members.

  1. Always make sure that the information you're distributing online is correct. Read the news in the Crowd1 back office, watch the events, read the magazine and the blog. Members are more likely to spot false statements if they are up to date on what's going on in the company.

  1. As a member, it is important to remember that you can not officially represent the Crowd1. We encourage Crowd1 members to speak openly about their own experiences of the company and all members are allowed to leave a review of Crowd1. But Crowd1 members are not permitted to represent the organization as anything other than independent affiliates. Members are not permitted to talk on behalf of the company Crowd1.

What are things that members misunderstand about Crowd1 that may cause suspension?

One problem we've stumbled upon in the past is the exchange of false information online. It is important that all members ensure that they are not distributing any misleading or false information. Depending on the severity of the incident, your account may be suspended.

Statements in the form of written text, email or photographs that are not shared from an official Crowd1 account are unlikely to be legitimate. Read the information before you share it and if in doubt, verify it from an official source. The same principles apply to any information exchanged in meetings, be skeptical and demand the source of the information.