Crowd1 Couple do their Part in Big-cat Preservation

Crowd1's Trevor and Malikah Elgram saw an opportunity to give back to their community in a different way. On a drive back from a full day of work, Malikah surprised Trevor by turning off the road onto Cango Wildlife Ranch in South Africa. They were about to symbolically adopt a cheetah by sponsoring it and name it "Crowd1."

Malikah and Trevor with their cheetah

Malikah, Director *, and Trevor, Manager **, are working together in Crowd1 and have been driving around all of South Africa to give presentations and promote their business. In an interview with the Elgrams, they talked about how the wildlife ranch had been struggling during the pandemic.

"People will find roadkill, so animals that have been hit by cars, and bring it to the ranch to help feed the animals. The cost of running a centre like this is quite high in order to provide the right care for these endangered species, so being able to "adopt" an animal and pay for its care is so rewarding."

"It was a thrilling experience we will never forget. Our future generations deserve to know that actual cheetahs still exist and are not extinct like dinosaurs," they said when asked about their encounter with the big cats. Afterwards, they decided to send around and share their videos in hopes that others would follow. "We are looking for ways to raise funds and create more awareness for them not to go extinct."

The Cheetah Preservation Foundation at the Cango Wildlife Ranch aims to ensure the survival of the cheetah and other endangered species, as well as educating visitors about the plight of these animals. According to their website, their mission is to "Promote and fund the conservation of cheetah and other endangered species through captive breeding, research and public awareness."

"We just got back from a three-week countrywide tour to help our team members to grow their teams and in the process, to get [them all] to a minimum Director *," Malikah said.

So what is their advice for anyone wishing to be successful within the business?

"We do as much as we can daily, to help our team move forward towards time and financial freedom, by helping with testimonials, teaching them how to invite, let the leaders do the talking on the daily Zoom calls, attend live presentations and attend training offered by leaders."

Malikah was also adamant about emphasising that the education packages offered by Crowd1 are important business tools.

"Financial education is extremely important, like the knowledge in our back office, MyGrithub. Most people chase the money and don't even know that they have an education package that could improve their mindset, for life."

According to the Elgrams, many times, people give up because they failed once. "If people say it doesn't work, it is because they are not working it. You can't get ahead if you don't help other people move forward too."

Inspired by the Elgrams, Crowd1’s founder Jonas E. Werner, who also shares a passion for animals and wildlife, decided to sponsor a couple of animals at the same ranch.