Crowd1 Documentary: 10 Voices 10 Days

10 voices in 10 days is an important part of the new Crowd1 documentary project. 10 voices in 10 days is intended to share testimonies and stories from Crowd1 members as we want their stories and their voices to be heard. Follow us on this journey and stay tuned for a new story every day for 10 days! 

What is 10 voices in 10 days?

10 voices in 10 days is a new initiative that is going to be a part of the Crowd1 documentary project. For 10 days, 10 different people and their stories will be posted – a new one published each day. The project will also function as a Crowd1 review for anyone interested in the company and members.

What is the purpose of the project?

The intention of this Crowd1 documentary project is to highlight the accomplishments made by Crowd1 members. By giving them an opportunity and platform to share their story, we hope to broaden the horizons for anyone wanting to make a difference. No accomplishment is too small to be acknowledged. The size of achievement is not what matters, but the impact it has had on your life.

Where can I find the stories?

The stories are uploaded daily to the official Crowd1 Youtube channel in a separate playlist only for the 10 voices in 10 days testimonies. The stories will also be linked on the official Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account.