What is the Crowd1 Documentary: 10 voices, 10 days project?

10 voices, 10 days started as part of the Crowd1 documentary project and is intended to share positive stories and testimonials from the Crowd1 network. The 10 voices, 10 days project displays truly amazing stories of Crowd1 members and what their involvement with Crowd1 has enabled them to achieve. Crowd1 hopes to help inspire people on their own personal journey by giving hardworking and passionate Crowd1 members a platform for sharing their stories and achievements. For 10 days, 10 different Crowd1 members were given the opportunity to share their stories and get them published across different Crowd1 media and platforms. 

The testimonials and stories shared through this subproject of the Crowd1 documentary project were primarily focused on the positive outcomes of members' involvement in Crowd. Success is a highly subjective term and one that cannot be objectively defined. It has, therefore, been a blessing for Crowd1 to be able to get an insight into what these members in question define success as. In the testimonial video by Masilo, also known as Mr.Smile, Masilo shows the community environmental project that he initiated. This fascinating project is intended to help local health and safety as well as make sure that the local population in Johannesburg, South Africa can live in a safe and habitable place. By building local infrastructure, wells, schools, Mr.Smile is progressively changing the world for the better. Mr.Smile is the hardworking and innovative mastermind behind this project and in his testimonial, he says that “we can’t change the world but we can take one step at a time, and this journey of 10,000 miles started by joining Crowd1.” 

The 10 voices, 10 days project is a fantastic representation of the wonderful and positive community that Crowd1 has all over the world. The 10 voices, 10 days project has been a fantastic platform that has enabled hardworking Crowd1 members to inspire many all over the world and to share their personal successes and achievements with the rest of Crowd1. Crowd1 finds it truly astonishing to see the fantastic things that hardworking Crowd1 members are doing and we look forward to continuing this series with even more motivational and inspiring stories in the future. 

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