Crowd1 Inspiration: How to sell

Among positive Crowd1 news and stories, we introduce to you this follow up episode of the series called Crowd1 Inspiration. The Crowd1 Inspiration series is dedicated to sharing business and motivational related content, in order to inspire your personal success. Do you want to learn how to sell? Read this article.

Anytime selling is mentioned it isn’t uncommon to hear people say that “it’s not for me” or that “I just can’t do sales”. Most people assume that selling is a skill that some people just were born with. This is simply not true. Just like learning how to ride a bike, the skill of selling needs to be practiced.

Sell yourself first

The product or service doesn’t matter. If the person you are selling to does not like you, they’re not going to buy your project or listen to you. Know your product well and present yourself in a way that is appropriate. You must always aspire to be the salesperson you yourself would buy something from.

Sell to the right person

If your product is an umbrella you should not sell it to the client who lives in a country where it never rains, this person needs a parasol. It is a common mistake trying to sell to just anyone or anything. Make sure that whatever you are selling fulfills your clients needs and that it is realistic for them.


Inexperienced and bad sales people never stop talking about their product. If you want to be a good seller you need to learn how to listen to your clients. Listen to their needs and work out a way to present your product in an appealing way to that specific individual.

Make it simple

Sales should be easy so try not to complicate your pitch because you want to sound more knowledgeable.  True knowledge, in any matter, is shown in how well you can explain it to the average person. By developing a pitch that is no longer than 30 seconds you are guaranteed to catch their attention and keep it! This is called “elevator pitching”; practice until it makes perfect.

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