Crowd1 Inspiration: Professional Work Attire

Among positive Crowd1 news and stories, we introduce to you this follow up episode of the series called Crowd1 Inspiration. The Crowd1 Inspiration series is dedicated to sharing business and motivational related content, in order to inspire your personal success. 

Every businessman or woman should own and wear a proper suit or business attire. Suiting is an art and navigation through the neverending styles, fabrics, and colors can truly be confusing for many. With endless opportunities, it is easy to make mistakes when buying your first attire. That is why we have created this guide for suiting with intentions of simplifying the process of purchasing your first proper business attire. Rest assured that you will receive the advice and tips necessary in order for you to get the best suit or attire for the best investment. 

Take your time 

The first tip is to take your time when choosing the right suit or attire. Styles differ from business culture to business culture, be sure you know what business people in the area are wearing. Having the right attire in the right setting will make you look professional and it surely impresses your co-workers whereas wearing attire that for instance is incorrectly fitted or looks out of place will certainly have the opposite effect. So first it is important to first decide what type of style you want and think would look good on you.

Speak with a professional

Visit a suit and business attire store and see what types of suits and attire they are selling. One of our best advice would be to speak with an employee at the store, tell them about your business and what type of work you do. If the employee is open for a conversation, we can guarantee that they will recommend different types of attire that would fit you and your business needs. The employees at that store will also be aware of the suiting culture of that specific area, they will know what is trending and what is not. Remember that they want to sell their products, so don’t hesitate to ask many questions and only because they treat you nicely does not mean you have to purchase your attire from that specific store. 


The materials used, fitting, and stitching are the key differences between a high and low-end suit. One common myth about suiting is that the more you spend the better you will look. Although this is true in some cases (especially with bespoke suits and attire), this does not mean you cannot look professional in an entry-level suit. Style and taste are more important than your budget when choosing the right attire.  


Wearing a tie or bow tie with a suit is not crucial, however, if styled properly, it looks professional and classy. Choosing the right tie is very easy, simply find a tie that goes well with the color of your suit. A tie with nice patterns and details can certainly work well with your suit, however, a plain tie is timeless and will remain professional looking. Simply find a tie or bowtie that you fancy that goes well with your suit, remember not to wear a white tie unless you are attending a funeral. Ties are usually inexpensive which means you can also acquire a variety of different ties or bowties and use them for different occasions. 


Although grooming does not align with dressing for business environments, smelling and looking good is almost as crucial as the dress code. No matter how nice business attire you are wearing, taking care of yourself should always be your number one priority. When working in tight quarters with your employees, smelling bad will always be unprofessional and straight out disgusting. Be sure you are always well-groomed and that you are looking your best. Shave, shower before going to work, wear deodorant in combination with a cologne of some sort, and will be ready for business. 


A special scent or perfume can be a woman’s best friend, however, smelling of too much perfume is almost worse than smelling bad. A too strong smell of perfume will certainly give your colleagues a headache and this will definitely not be appreciated by them. When applying your perfume before business, please consider how much you apply. If you do not have a favorite scent yet, purchase a perfume that is not too strong in order to avoid this problem altogether. When purchasing your perfume, be sure to purchase a scent that you think smells good, a recommendation is to purchase something you can afford to buy many times over and something that is not limited edition. This way you do not have to constantly look for new scents. 


Choosing the right color for your attire is crucial to achieving a professional and formal look. In almost all business environments around the world, dark grey, black, and navy blue is seen as the three most standard colors. Wearing a standard color on your work attire will, therefore, allow you to fit in almost everywhere. This does not mean you cannot wear any other colors, however, we would not recommend going too far outside of these scales as in most cases it will not fit in with the business environment. 

With colors, it is also important to remember to dress according to the season. If it is very warm outside, do not wear a dark suit as it will be warm and uncomfortable. 

Dress shoes 

There are many different styles and types of dress shoes, however, this is probably the easiest aspect of the world of suiting. The two primary styles of dress shoes, there is Oxford and brogues styled. Dress shoes without any pattern and have a closed lacing system are called Oxford dress shoes, whereas dress shoes with broguing and patterns are called Brouged style. In many cases and business environments, any oxford or brogue or other formal looking dress shoe is perfectly adequate. Dress shoes can surely be uncomfortable at first, however, just know that they will become more comfortable with time and wear. The most common colors of dress shoes are brown, black and this will also match your attire perfectly. 

Women’s dress shoes: 

There is a vast variety of different types and styles of women’s dress shoes. Every footwear is unique and different styles of footwear are practical and appropriate for different situations. The definition of casual footwear is rather self-explanatory, they are footwear that is supposed to be used on a day to day basis. Casual women’s footwear should, however, not be used in a business environment. Formal women’s footwear adequate for business, include heels, court shoes, and brogues. Many business women experience that women’s dress shoes are highly uncomfortable and can not be worn for long periods of time, especially high heels. High heels should only be used for very formal situations as they are impractical and are not adequate for walking long distances. Purchase a pair of dress shoes that are comfortable and that and match the rest of your attire. Choose a neutral color such as brown or black as this will fit into almost all business environments. 

Purchasing your first business attire can be a difficult process, hopefully, we have assisted you along the way and given you some ideas and guidelines for what to look for. 

Good luck with finding the right attire for you. 


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