Crowd1 Launches Project Galaxy

Crowd1 forges ahead towards a bright future, all hands on deck for exciting new developments.

Crowd1, the world’s leading influencer marketing company, is making bold moves. In the past few months, foundations have been laid for its transition from a historically successful entrepreneurial company to a highly structured and well-governed corporation.

Steps taken had included provisional membership of the Direct Selling Association of the United Arab Emirates (DSA UAE), as well as the election of a Board. The time had now come to kick-start this new phase. In a week of fruitful workshops, starting 15 August, the Crowd1 Steering Committee set out the roadmap that would take the company forward.

This roadmap, encompassing all aspects of the business, has been dubbed “Project Galaxy”.

During the workshops, the Steering Committee outlined the roles, structure, accountability, authorities and transparent internal policies and procedures that will contribute to the evolution of Crowd1 over the next twelve months. The entire Crowd1 workforce — from Spain to the UAE, from Singapore to Sweden — are all involved in the transformation drive, with many thrilling opportunities for growth and development unfolding.

“The end result will be a well-structured, well-governed multinational corporation that will benefit all stakeholders: our valued Affiliates, our partners, and our employees. We will keep building on our past achievements, and look forward to a successful future”

said Crowd1 founder Jonas Eric Werner.

Other exciting developments include the inauguration of the expanded Dubai offices (featuring a high-tech hub for Affiliates), as well as the much-anticipated opening of its first Asia-based office in Singapore. Crowd1 has many more thrilling developments in the pipeline, sure to be of benefit to all their Affiliates.

Johan Westerdahl, company CEO, had this to say:

“With Project Galaxy, we will become a respected and well-governed Crowd Community, one that supports teamwork, diversity and collaboration.”

With a solid foundation for its expanding business and the best toolkit for all stakeholders going forward, it promises to be an exciting twelve months for Crowd1.