Crowd1 May 2021 Company Update

Crowd1 is a rapidly growing business. We're still expanding, both in terms of numbers and experience. All of this knowledge is put to good use in order to make Crowd1 the best business it can be, with the best products for our affiliates, entrepreneurs, and consumers.

In terms of employment and business, the last year has been difficult for the majority of the world. People have lost their jobs and working from home has never been more common or necessary. We are saddened to learn of people's struggles, but we are grateful that the Crowd1 business allows us to assist people all over the world. We are Unleashing Opportunities and creating jobs for people all over the world and anyone who wants to work with us through Crowd1's business should be able to do so.

Crowd1 Presentation

If you're new to Crowd1, exploring the back office is one of the best ways to get a presentation of Crowd1 and learn more about the company. If you're interested in learning more about Crowd1, go to the About Us section here

Watching one of our mega events is another way to learn about the business and get a Crowd1 presentation. The mega event combines a colorful show with a Crowd1 company update. The events feature product releases and announcements, back office updates, and much more. They also provide entertainment in the form of dancers, singers, and other talented individuals performing.

Crowd1 Review 

We invite people to give Crowd1 an honest review. We have a strong compliance department that works diligently to keep things going and ensure that everything is in order. The testimonials and reviews are important to us as we want the world to understand what kind of company Crowd1 is. We are recording testimonial videos during the Dubai leadership training, which will be regularly posted to the Crowd1 YouTube channel in the “Crowd1 review 2021” Playlist. Explore the testimonial and review playlist by clicking this link.

Crowd1 News

Crowd1 values the ability for the Crowd to get to know our top management and learn more about them as individuals and professionals. Since we are a fast-paced business, there is always significant Crowd1 news that must be made public. The Crowd1 blog keeps track of all Crowd1 news and articles published. The blog is a streamlined way for us to connect with the crowd and to keep them up to date on all Crowd1 news and events.

All these articles were published in different Swedish news sources and then translated into English before being posted on the Crowd1 blog.

The latest interview with founder Jonas Werner, published by new outlet It-finans, can be found here.

In late April, another news outlet called Dagens Infrastruktur published an article with Jonas Werner. The article can be found here.

ICT group CEO Johan Westerdahl appeared in an interview with It-finans earlier this year. Read more here.