Crowd1 Mega Event - The Power of the Crowd

The countdown has begun. In five days it is time for yet another dazzling Crowd1 Mega Event!

The Mega Event with the special theme "Power of the Crowd" will be live on Saturday the 16th of October at 14:00 CET.

The Mega Event is an excellent opportunity for all Crowd1 affiliates to make work even more fun. Gather your family and friends in front of you tv and enjoy the magic. Why not take it a step further and invite all neighbours and acquaintances?

The Crowd1 Events contain important company updates provided by the management, as well as information about all products offered by Crowd1. The Mega Event is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a summary which explains what Crowd1 is and how it all really works.

What does The Power of the Crowd really mean? It is a saying that can have different meanings, not least for different people. To Crowd1, it's a way of explaining the importance of the group. When people from different nationalities, with different backgrounds meet to inspire and motivate each other a special kind of unity is formed. This unity as well as engagement to work together as a group  reflects true power.

And it does not stop there, the Mega Event also offers entertainment from various kinds of world class performers. Singing, dancing and dazzling light; all of it a part of Crowd1's events.

We'll see you on Saturday!

PS. Remember to have a look at Crowd1's social media during the Mega Event, for extra special insights behind the scenes. DS