Crowd1 Response to the Devi Show

Crowd1 is getting more air time on the Devi show. We have once before participated in the South African based TV-show. Therefore, and according to our transparency policy, we hereby publish the questions and our answers to avoid any kind of misinterpretations or misunderstandings.

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1.  What is the current status of Crowd1 in terms of membership numbers and growth?

Crowd1 has in excess of 30 million registered user accounts and we are growing fast and steadily.

2.  Who is running Crowd1 - who are the members at the top?

The registered Chairman of the board of directors is Ruari Laughlin-McCann. Crowd1 is however in the process of expanding the board of directors. Jonas Werner (the founder of Crowd1) is still active in the business. Otherwise we do not share information on the people in Crowd1 as it is personal details.

3.  Where is Crowd1 registered and where are the headquarters? Who founded Crowd1? And how does Stelios Piskopianos who first registered the company fit in?

Crowd1 is registered in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), UAE, and has its office in Dubai. Jonas Werner founded Crowd1. You can read more about him in this article.

Stelios Piskopianos assisted Crowd1 in registering the company Crowd1 Network Europe Ltd on Cyprus since the business plan at that time was to have a company in Europe as well. The plan was however rejected once the company had been registered, hence Crowd1 Network Europe Ltd has never been an active company. Stelios Piskopianos was instructed by Crowd1 Network Ltd a long time ago to close the company down.  

4.  What was the reason for Johan Staël von Holstein's departure?

Out of respect for Johan Staël von Holstein’s private life, we do not want to comment more than what has already been said regarding his health issues (that was the reason for his departure). Johan Staël von Holstein has been a very valuable leader and source of knowledge for ICT and Crowd1.

5.  We believe that according to reports in Breakit he left due to conflicts?

There is no schism or conflict behind Johan Staël von Holstein’s decision to step down. As communicated before, he stepped down because of health reasons.

6.  The same publication also claimed that the membership numbers are inflated?

We communicate the number of accounts registered with us, currently in excess of 30 million. However, not all accounts are active all the time. There are members who have not yet started, again others who have been active but who have taken a break and others who are active daily. Much like in any member network, not everyone is active on Facebook or Twitter daily either.

BreakIt has together Svenska Dagbladet reviewed Crowd1 in a series of articles in which several inaccuracies have been published. These reporters recently visited Sveriges Radio (public service) in a program that was condemned  by the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority for Radio and TV as it conflicts with the requirement of impartiality.

Crowd1 is as transparent as any multinational company and welcomes all types of reviews and reports as long as they are objective. That is not the case with BreakIt. We therefore welcome the conviction against Swedish Radio, but think it is sad that it was needed.

7.  Sources we have spoken to in Sweden say that Jonas Werner is running the organisation and that he is living the high life with porches, Lamborghini's, a luxury home, show horses and yet they claim that he hasn't posted earnings with their tax authority for 5 years? Your comment.

We do not comment on Jonas Werner’s personal finances nor on his private life.

8.  There are also claims that members of the leadership, including Jonas Werner was involved in similar pyramid styled schemes in the past. OneCoin was cited. Is this true?

We are not, nor have we ever been a pyramid scheme. Jonas Werner was never involved with OneCoin. Regarding the other “leadership” people you are referring to (it is hard to know exactly whom considering no names are mentioned…?). I only know about one of our leaders that was involved with OneCoin and that was Kenny Nordlund. His involvement with OneCoin was unfortunate and therefore fortunately short-lived. The merge of Sitetalk and a number of other companies with OneCoin got Kenny involved with OneCoin. As soon as Kenny realized that he had ended up with a network that chose to do network marketing in an immoral and non correct way, he left. Kenny Nordlund is doing a great job for Crowd1 and he has a lot of valuable experiences and knowledge about the MLM and Networking business.

However we prefer to speak about our current operation and everyone involved brings different successes and sometimes failors to the table. We are a diverse crowd of people and together we are creating something really good.

9.  The BBC documentary "Unmasking the Pyramid kings" called Crowd1 out as a pyramid scheme.  What is your response to the documentary and the serious allegations made in it?

We do not share the views of the BBC and regret not being given the opportunity to fully share our side of the story. We run a legitimate business and the bulk of our revenue comes from products being recommended, something that was not covered in the documentary. Unfortunately, there are always some people failing to follow our code of conduct and they are giving us and the industry a bad reputation. Our compliance department works hard at finding those not following our code of conduct. More information on how our compliance department works can be found on the Crowd1 blog, here.

10.  In recent weeks we have had a number of Crowd1 members coming forward to complain that they are unable to make withdrawals.  Some sent us screenshots of disabled withdrawal buttons. Why is this?

We do not comment on individual cases but we take such details seriously. Anyone in Crowd1 that needs to get in contact with us needs to file a support ticket in their back office.

11. Initially members bought into the model thinking that the gaming app would help them make money (Miggster) but now that has fizzled out and they never received the promised revenue.

Sorry, I don't understand this question. Miggster has just passed 750.000 subscribers and there are a lot of satisfied members that are promoting this mobile gaming platform with success.

12.  SA consumers have complained that Crowd1 punted that this is not a Pyramid scheme due to the Grit Hub product which is "Purchased" upon joining. Subsequently they claim that you have brought in a new "product" called Mindoe, and they were told they would have access to My Grit Hub, yet Grit Hub is no longer available. They have therefore lost a product that they have paid for. One must ask if this has anything to do with the BBC's report stating that the material was plagiarized.

We are continuously improving and developing our products and services for the better for everyone involved. Therefore also previous account holders have gained access to our new education program Mindoe. The added value is in excess of the price of the packages.

13.  They are also complaining that this has also removed access to the Tony Robins Disc Assessment, to which they were promised life time access.

With the improvements in the Starting Packages, we decided to replace the current material with Mindoe. This application is built on both education material for personal as well as professional growth and will continue to expand.

14.  Another bone of contention:  They allege Crowd1 has advised that should a Member be inactive for 12 Months, they will lose their ranking as well as their Crowd1 Rewards. This raises major concerns in that:

No, this is a misunderstanding. You will lose your status in our Loyalty Program if you're not active. This Program is based on the bonus systems you see with airlines, where you get points for how often you travel, how far and what products you use. Like with the airline loyalty programs, if you are not active, you will lose your status in the loyalty program.

You will never lose your Starting Package.

Being a Member gives that Member the right to share that Member’s personal referral link to recommend others to become a Customer or a Member. No mandatory purchases are required for a Member. A Member without a personal product purchase will not accumulate Sales Bonus (“SB”) or be part of the Active User Pool (“AUP”) and is considered an Inactive Member.

15.  They say they were told in no uncertain terms that Crowd1 could be a "Passive Income" and did not have to be "worked" in order to earn. Again, a major selling point was the Passive Income, which is now being taken away if a Member is inactive.

One of the misunderstandings about Crowd1´s business is that Crowd1 sells financial products or services. It does not. Crowd1 is not an investment opportunity, consequently it is not selling or offering any kind of financial products or services. In fact, Crowd1 is not selling any kind of products whatsoever. Instead Crowd1 offers its Affiliates a library of valuable products, apps, websites and other services from third-party vendors through the medium of crowd marketing. What Crowd1 business is all about successfully recommending other people to buy third party  products. If and when the people having been recommended to buy certain products actually buy the products, payment will be made to the third-party company. A member will then earn  commission only through the successful recommendation to others to purchase third party products or services. For obvious reasons if you do not work, you will not earn any income.

There are clear rules on how to promote the Crowd1 business and promoting the business in the way you describe is, for the reasons stated above, not an accurate way of promoting or explaining it.

As means of assuring that members in fact represent Crowd1 business in the right way, Crowd1 uses sophisticated software monitoring social media platforms to track any violations of the rules. With more than 30 million registered accounts it is of course not possible to control what each and every individual member does or says, but Crowd1 has zero tolerance towards members representing Crowd1 in the wrong way. As a consequence thereof, leaders may have their accounts suspended or terminated if they are in breach of the rules.

16.  They say they were also promised a "platform" where Crowd1 Rewards could be sold/exchanged for real currency. This never materialised.

Crowd1 has just recently informed a number of the top leaders in the company that C1 Reward owners will be offered an opportunity to swap their C1 Rewards for shares in a new company and that the share swap is planned for this summer.  The company will be set up in co-operation with a third-party provider, operating under all licenses required for the project. Through this solution Crowd1 members will in fact be given the platform to also trade their shares and consequently exchange their shares for real currency.

We cannot share any further details of this project at the current stage, but we will be happy to do so as soon as possible.

17.  When this was raised with their "Team Leader" they say they were simply told to contact Crowd1 but their efforts were in vain and they say it is near impossible to reach anyone.  They also say the support tickets issued disappear.  

If you are a member and logged into our system it is easy to write and contact us. Anyone can contact support through a form in their back-office.

18.  What happened to the education packages/property packages?

We have replaced our old education packages with a Starter Package. The Starter Packages include the new state of the art podcast style education package Mindoe which has been translated into ten languages. The packages also include, among other products, a 12-month subscription for the social gaming platform, Miggster, Life TRNDS booking engine and other Life TRNDS product features as well as hotel credits. More information regarding the content and the value of each Starter Packages can be found on Crowd1's website here.

19.  When we did our story last year you were planning on launching hotel accommodation, travel packages - has this happened.

Yes. It is all in LifeTRNDS and was launched in 2020. However, last year was a very different year due to the pandemic and also a demanding time for the traveling and hotel industry. More information about LifeTRNDS can be found here.

20. What is your product?

We are offering several different product lines (from 3rd party companies), the primary ones are: Mindoe, LifeTRNDS, Miggster. Then we have other examples such as; Tribute, Crowd Magazine and Epic1 Lotto. However, not all products are available in all regions and countries due to different legislations or logistic factors.

Crowd1 is a network marketing program, which offers a platform full of possibilities to generate additional revenue for our members. It is possible for anyone to run their business from basically anywhere where there is internet and the only thing you need is a smart phone. Through multilevel marketing you basically are giving people a fishing rod and not just a fish.


Similar to Uber and Airbnb, who own neither cars nor beds, Crowd1 does not sell any products of its own. It merely markets other companies’ products. Crowd1 always strives to find a strategic partnership with companies where it is possible to create a win-win-win situation. The companies that Crowd1 has identified are great at what they are doing and want to reach more people through the platform. As a result of this, Crowd1 can offer their affiliate members great products at a lower price or with other benefits and share the majority of the profit with the network of hard-working people. So, if you work hard and are good at your job, you will be rewarded. Revenues come from product sales, where the focus mainly has been on digital products since it’s something that can easily reach more people fast.

Last but not least. Crowd1 already has a strong product pipeline with additional products that are continuously getting launched. ‍Crowd1’s most distinct and disruptive contribution is that it leverages both the crowd- and sharing-economy.

21.  Another complaint is that the goalposts keep shifting - that you keep dangling a new carrot. Is this true.

Not sure what you mean. Crowd1, just like all fast growing companies evolve and learn along the way. That said, it has been highly beneficial so far to be part of Crowd1 and it will continue to be so for a long time.

We are growing very fast and this can sometimes create some technical and administrative delays and issues on the way to grander success. But we can assure you that we are a sound, solid and forward looking company.

22. Some disgruntled members believe the organisation is falling apart based on the fact that the monies are no longer flowing to members?

We are growing very fast and this can sometimes create some technical and administrative delays and issues on the way to grander success. But we can assure you that we are a sound, solid and forward looking company.

23.  Where is your membership growing fastest now?

At the moment we are growing the fastest in Asia.

24. What do you say to your naysayers?

To the naysayers we would say that they have misunderstood what Crowd1 is all about.

As we have pointed out, Crowd1 does not sell financial products or services and that it is not an investment opportunity. What it is all about is to successfully recommend other people to buy third-party  products. If and when the people having been recommended to buy certain products actually buy the products members will earn  commission. Consequently, earning commission requires activity and hard work.