Crowd1 Vision Launch 2022 Event

On April 20th, 200 excited Crowd1 top leaders arrived in Dubai to attend the amazing Crowd1 Vision Launch 2022 Event!

They are in Dubai to attend a week full of important training sessions where they, amongst many other things, are taught how to grow as professionals. The days ahead will be filled with crucial training, well-deserved recognition, exciting news, and a much-anticipated product launch - not to mention fun! Exciting Dubai activities have been planned out as well as some very luxurious dinners. For those of you who aren't currently in Dubai, have a look at our social media channels for exciting company updates and snippets from the training. Multiple times a day, our different platforms are updated with photos, videos and more!

Have a look at our selection of our photos from day 1 below.

Mr. Werner

Mr. Nordlund

Mr. Moser, CEO and founder of Moon Birdie

Mr. Moser

Stay tuned for more!