Crowd1 Super Online World Event recap

July 4, 2020, was a historical day for Crowd1 as we broadcasted the super world event. At this event, we got live performances and entertainment from world-class artists and launched several new revolutionising products for Crowd1. If you were not able to attend the event, here is a recap of what you missed.

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Technical updates:

Crowd1 is experiencing exponential growth in active users; therefore, we continuously need to improve the performance of the Crowd1 platform. Crowd1’s Chief Technology Officer, Jens Lorentsson, presented that Crowd1 is undergoing several technological updates and optimisations.

The database optimisations will be conducted by the top DB developers in the world and provide the Crowd1 platform with the latest technology and innovation. The company we are employing for these optimisations were involved in developing the code for the database that we are currently using and will, therefore, ensure an improved and durable platform.

As the Crowd1 business continues to experience a 15% monthly increase in members, Crowd1 will be expanding the IT-team to cope with the challenges and difficulties that await. Crowd1’s IT-team will now do more third-party integrations and stage rollouts for the new products to prevent the servers from crashing and malfunctioning. The new products will firstly be available to the ambassadors, and then we will be working its way down to the presidents, directors and so on. Rest assured that you will receive an email and a message in your back office when it is your turn to try the new products. This will also apply for all coming products.  

Lorentsson also invited all android users to the world of a new and updated version of the Crowd1 app, which will be equally good to the IOS version of the Crowd1 mobile app. The Android app offers a completely redesigned interface in addition to some technical improvements.


The travel industry is one of the biggest experience industries in the world and is usually what most people want to spend their time doing. The travelling industry is, therefore, a highly lucrative market where trillions of dollars are annually accumulated through various hotels, cruises, etc. All bookings for the endeavours come from the online travel agencies and thanks to the amazing Crowd1 member base, Crowd1 has now announced the partnership with an online travel agency called LifeTRNDS.

The partnership with LifeTRNDS enables all Crowd1 members to book discounted travels where the accumulated profit will be brought back to you through your compensation plan with Crowd1.

Golden Ticket promotion:

In collaboration with Pay it forward, the golden ticket promotion is said to be one of the most powerful promotions ever made. The founder of Crowd1, Jonas Werner, claims that the golden ticket promotion can set you up for a great July if used properly.

The following days of the event, all Crowd1 members received a special email. Once they received the email, they had 48 hours to register at the LifeTRNDS website. If completed properly, they received a free white package at Crowd1. Through this promotion, members were able to give people around them the chance to be a part of the Crowd1 network and join right before the launch of LifeTRNDS. To read more about the Gold ticket promotion, please see your back office.

Regional products:

The innovative and revolutionary app called SAfer is specifically built for the South African market and is brought to Crowd1 members by the global leaders in security response software. SAfer is built for two key aspects, health and security with the common denominator of creating a SAfer community. The SAfer app offers a state of the art tracking system that observes your entered routes and is built with intentions of preventing crisis. You can, for instance, enter the duration it takes to drive to work, and if any strange activities were to occur the SAfer app will contact you and or emergency services. If the situation is urgent and requires direct contact with emergency services, simply shake the phone.  

Tribute is a lifestyle product with intentions making luxury items affordable. Tribute is a region-specific product and specifies the clothing culture that exists in the area. As with the other products announced at the world event, the Tribute will offer exclusive deals to Crowd1 members where the generated profit will be brought back to the Crowd1 networks.

Company updates:

Crowd1 has undergone several updates on the back office. First, and foremost, Crowd1 is moving from presenting the local European currency “euro,” to a generic universal unit called “BP'' which stands for business points. BP is not something new for Crowd1; as it has been in the system before. However, BP will now entirely replace the euro within Crowd1.

If you look at the user log, you will see that the balances are displayed in BP rather than the euro. When you proceed to purchase something from the back office, the transaction will be in BP as well.

In the legal and compliance sector, we are adding supporting documents to the back office and the public to clarify rumours and concerns about us. In the back office, you are invited to watch a business presentation about the Crowd1 business in addition to read more about the terms of condition, privacy policy, processes and procedures. There will also be a document about what we are and what we represent. This document is an important document for everyone, for authorities, and members representing the Crowd1 business.

The C-Store

The C-store is a platform for all the products that we have in the Crowd1 network. Instead of searching all over the place, the C-store enables you to find all products of our partners (including the products that we launched on the world event) at the same place. You will find the C-store in your back office, and you will find it today. As Crowd1 grows, you will also find a bunch of more products here in addition to tickets for upcoming events. Later this year we will be launching what we call C-commerce, which is really interesting so stay tuned for that.

CROWD Magazine

In parallel to the super world event, we also launched the second edition of the CROWD magazine. With Jonas Werner on the cover page, the CROWD magazine features amazing success stories and spotlights from around the globe that did not get the recognition they deserved. You can purchase a digital and physical copy of the CROWD Magazine, and it is currently available in the C-Store.

The super world events are a great way for Crowd1 to communicate the visions and the updates of the company and to interact with you, the members, that make the Crowd1 movement what it is today. On August 8, 2020, we will broadcast a recognition event that you do not want to miss. Tickets are already available for purchase in your back office.