Crowd1 Inspiration: Cultivating Creativity during the Coronavirus Crisis

Among positive Crowd1 news and stories, we introduce to you this follow up episode of the series called Crowd1 Inspiration. The Crowd1 Inspiration series is dedicated to sharing business and motivational related content, in order to inspire your personal success.  

With an ongoing pandemic, people are stuck at home and unable to engage in outside activities. Take this as an opportunity to be creative while cooped up. Here are five suggestions for creative ways to make good use of the unexpected time on your hands at home.

Get Away From It All By Traveling

Being on lock down doesn't mean you can't travel. With an Internet connection, the sky's the limit as to where you can go. Google "virtual tours," click on the link to the destination of your desire, and away you go. Virtual tours are just as varied as the people who use the Internet. Art lovers can take in the Louvre museum. Kids can watch a variety of animals on a virtual zoo tour. Outdoor enthusiasts can experience national parks such as beautiful Kenai Fjords, which has breathtaking views of ice crevasses and icebergs. 


Cook It Yourself

Dining at a restaurant was a casualty of the pandemic lock down. That lack of access doesn't mean people can't eat well and have quality fare. Miss a specific dish from your favourite dining establishment? Recreate it at home. An Internet search can point you to sites with copycat recipes for popular dishes from various well-known restaurants. Once you've made the dish, whip up a review as if you were a food critic. Share the food with your family and friends through zoom and inspire them to cook their favorite meal.

Don't Buy It--Make It

Going shopping other than for groceries is pretty much unavailable when a lockdown is in place. So what if you can't buy something? Try making it! The must have accessory for anyone living through the pandemic is a face mask. But face masks are in short supply and may be expensive. The alternative is to produce your own. And you don't even need to know how to sew to do it. Needle, thread and the most basic skills can take you far. Forget N95 quality; aim for made at home quality. A quick search on the internet will provide you with a variety of tutorials of homemade masks. One version calls for only three materials, all of which most individuals will already have in their home--a bandana, a coffee filter, and two rubber bands. Masks produced in this manner are creatively custom made for the wearer. 

For the full list of steps on how to cultivate your creativity, check out the article originally published in CROWD magazine vol.2 at Crowd1.

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