Crowd1 Inspiration: Different Types of Intelligence

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Being described as intelligent is a great compliment for many people, and something you strive for in everyday life, this is also true for your business with Crowd1. The downside of being called intelligent can sometimes be that people have a higher expectation of you in the future. A single mistake can jeopardize the whole image and how you have portrayed yourself. Even though many have a one-sided version of what intelligence is, there is still much to learn about the word. Foremost, the word intelligent means that you have a lot of knowledge and skills, and are being able to apply these skills and knowledge. 

Therefore, the Crowd1 media team has created the following compilation of different types of intelligence as proposed by the Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner. This Crowd1 article is intended to help you find out which of the intelligence that you are most in-line with. 

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

This intelligence includes the ability to visualize things. For example maps, charts, videos, and pictures. They enjoy puzzles and interpret charts and graphs. 

Linguistic Verbal Intelligence 

By possessing this intelligence, you have no trouble making yourself understood in both written texts as in speeches. Being able to explain things well with an impressive vocabulary. Furthermore, memorizing information and enjoy reading and writing are typical characteristics. 

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence 

This group of people is strong in logical thinking which includes recognizing patterns and problems. Furthermore, visualize numbers, patterns, and relationships. Therefore they are excellent at problem-solving and solving complex computations. 

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Kinesthetic is a synonym to physical or bodily. Which represents this intelligence, in its physical control and their great body and performance skills. It is represented in a great dexterity. In other words, excellent hand and eye coordination.

Interpersonal Intelligence 

This intelligence includes the ability to understand and interact with different kinds of people. Characteristics for this kind of person is someone who can see situations from different perspectives and are skilled at nonverbal communications. You can easily spot distinctions among people and can look at things from various points of view. 

Intrapersonal Intelligence

This kind of intelligence is the ability to be aware of their own emotions and feelings. Understanding yourself and enjoying self-reflection, which includes exploring relationships with others and daydreaming. People with high intrapersonal intelligence are those who will most likely feel confident as spiritual leaders, psychologists, or guidance counselors.

So now you may ask yourself. Is it possible to possess all of the intelligence above? Of course, there is a high certainty of that. Some people may have them all, but it is just a matter of to what extent. Some types of intelligence may be stronger or more noticeable than others. Therefore, this list may guide you in understanding what intelligence you possess in greatest abundance, and hopefully making it easier for you to understand your own biology and how you process information. 

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