Dream vacation with Peter Jakobsson

The greatest gift has been given to us – the art of controlling what we think. With that, we can start the journey to our dreams and goals in our mind, Peter Jakobson writes. 

We need to understand that we have been given the greatest gift of all – to control what we think.

Science says that we have approximately 60 000 thoughts a day. But only one at a time. And that we think in pictures, not in words. That's why it's so important that we set goals for ourselves. Our mind can only understand pictures and will try to make those happen. We need to understand that we have been given the greatest gift of all – to control what we think. We can't control all the circumstances around us, but we can control what we think about those circumstances. We have the power to choose one thought at a time. When we realise that what we believe is what we will attract – like attracts like – and so when you take your dream vacation in your mind first, you will take it in real life sooner than later. We start our journey in our mind, and we will sooner or later experience those pictures that we dwell upon most of the time. 

Your dream board is supposed to be a guide to what you really want. If you don't have one, make one as soon as you can. Our mind is our greatest asset, and we need to use it well. Never think about what you don't want. Think only about those things that you do want. Tell your mind what you want every day and make it a habit to look at your dreams or goals before you go to bed at night and let those pictures inspire and motivate you. Those pictures will give you that extra energy to go after all that you have always dreamed of; a better or bigger home, a nicer car, some extra savings money to spoil on your kids or your loved ones. Remember, it doesn't cost more to dream big than dream small. 

Imagination is the workshop of your mind. Your imagination belongs to you, and the more you use it, the more it will serve you. Everything you practice on you will be better at. Practice makes perfect. Use your mind right and visualise what you want to do and do it often, especially before you go to bed when your mind is most open for new information.

"Every new advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination." - Thomas Dewey

Just believe in yourself and believe that you can, and never ever give up.