Dubai Spring Leadership Training 2021

Inspirational leadership elevates a good business to a great business. The ability to inspire your downline and push them to new heights is a key tenet of success. We want every Crowd1 member to be able to progress both personally and professionally. After all, we’re only as good as our members.

In his opening statement to more than 170 members from 34 different countries at the leadership summit, ICT Group CEO Johan Westerdahl said, “We love entering uncharted waters, we love the challenge of being on the frontline of a movement. No one else has moved the same way as we have done. I see us as the first guys coming to a new place. Building this business together step by step. ”Crowd1 is leading in the crowd marketing world. The crowd is growing faster than ever before, people are hitting Director and President level faster than at any other time in history, and our new compensation plan is the most powerful in the industry. We can only continue on this trajectory if our members are all amazing leaders as well.

Leaders attending the leadership event were treated to inspirational seminars from Kenny Nordlund and Peter Jakobsson, as well as given an exclusive teaser of Planet IX presented by Jonas Werner and Sverker Caron. In their leadership presentations, Nordlund and Jakobsson shared with members key tips, principles and advice for being better leaders for their downlines. We hope the inspiration, skills, and knowledge gained in Dubai will trickle down through their teams to infuse Crowd1 teams all over the world.

Members who attended the summit were also taken out for an extravagant meal at Bab al Shams, a luxurious spa and resort situated between the city of Dubai and the desert. It was a great opportunity for management to finally meet members face to face after a turbulent year that has made in-person events incredibly hard to host.

We will continue leadership trainings in Dubai on a monthly basis. This is a part of our commitment to leveling up our membership, keeping them up to date on everything happening with Crowd1, and making the crowd an even more powerful global presence.

Take a look at some photo taken at the event down below. Follow this link for even more amazing photos from the event in Dubai!