Vision 2021 Event Recap

If you have not yet been able to watch the latest Crowd1 event, here’s a recap containing the highlights and all of the information needed to stay updated. This January event, the first of the year, shares what will happen in Crowd1 2021.

The Vision 2021 event began with a touching performance by Simmonds and band who brought their talent to the Crowd1 stage. Then Karl, Alice and Sabinije entered the stage and the January Crowd1 event could officially begin.

Vision 2021 show

The show “Vision edition 2021” was introduced. It is a show in which Sabinije hosts exclusive interviews with the founder of Crowd1 as well as the top management. An excellent opportunity for people to get to know the Crowd1 management better and a chance to learn their perspectives on the future of the company.

Future Events

Head of events, Hanna Kimblad, went on stage to present the big changes that are going to be implemented in the event structure. 

Mega Events will only be recorded once every quarter. The setup will remain the same, with the same content; information, motivation and inspiration.

Global Updates will be an informative show that shares company updates as well as takes a dive into product information.

Talk Show is a new format which will share interviews from extraordinary people around the world. The first episode will be launched in February so stay tuned.

Miggster Update

Sverker Caron shared a Miggster update. As of the time for the event, there were already more than 100,000 subscribers. More tools will soon be released so that new members can take part in miggster. An interview with emerge gaming CEO, Gregory Stevens, was also a part of the Miggster-presentation. Much more things related to Miggster will happen in Crowd1 2021.

Sunday school with Peter Jakobsson

Another  interesting lecture with Peter Jakobsson helped shine light on how to reprogram the mind so that you can reach success. His lecture will be available in an article published in the newest copy of Crowd magazine, but we recommend that you watch the event in order to receive that daily dose of motivation.


The event offered a presentation of the Crowd1 Impactor project with the purpose to highlight Crowd1 members and teams who have done incredible work to help others. More information about Impactor will be released in 2021.

Business Update with acting CEO Johan Westerdahl

The new acting CEO of ICT Group, Johan Westerdahl went on stage to present himself and his role. He explains that one of the main tasks of the CEO is to find new, world class products for members to sell. He is responsible for developing the best business tools, education and training for Crowd1 members. Johan Westerdahl then presented new features in the back office. The first improvement is the business guide, which shares information of what is needed to start a business and the basics of registration, accounting and more. This is only some of the information included in the business guide together with links to other informational websites from local authorities. The list is not yet complete and we are asking for your help to complete it.

The reporting tool is a new tool, that allows users to create their own reports for earnings, gift codes etc. Under the section earnings and payouts, simply click on payouts and a new menu will give you choices and then choose total earnings. You are then ready to create personal reports on time, earnings and other information.


Residuals earnings are paid the 15th of each month. Crowd1 reward payouts are done on the 15th quarterly, which means the 15th of March and the 15th of June this year. Active user pool and customer sales bonus will be paid out monthly with the first payout being the 21st of March.

Crowd1 Business Movie

The Crowd1 business movie was shown in the beginning of the event. The purpose of the movie is to explain what Crowd1 is all about and to help make it clearer for those who still have questions regarding the business model. 

Crowd1 is a five minute business, meaning that no prior knowledge is needed in order to start building a business. It is the next generation, online business network. Crowd1 gives people access to the latest technology and important tools so that anyone can build their own business and earn long term. Crowd1 works with the largest industries in e-commerce, travel, gaming and lifestyle.

Basics of Crowd1

Crowd1 as a company has no products of its own; it only markets other companies' products. Comparable to companies Uber and Air bnb, Crowd1 does not sell cars nor beds. We at Crowd1 believe it should be easy, we believe in the Power of Easy. For maximum efficiency, a dashboard has been developed so that you can take your business with you no matter where you are going. All important information and tools you need to make your business grow can be found on the dashboard.


This is where information about the products and services Crowd1 offers is published. The ever growing network of Crowd1 is a global movement, and a salesforce with people that are building their businesses around one saying; Consume, Recommend, Sell. Consume the products you sell, Recommend them to people around you and Sell them through your network to receive commission from the Crowd1 business plan.

How do you make money with Crowd1?

20% goes to cover the overheads of the company and 80% goes back to the network in bonus structures. When you join Crowd1, make sure that you fully understand the company so that you know what to expect and can succeed to start your business in the best possible way. Listen, and learn from the company. Watch the events, the global news update and regularly check for updates in the news section of the back office. 

The products Crowd1 offers is one of the main pillars of the company. Products are constantly being added to the library to make sure that there are products for everyone.

Some products are the entrepreneurial package, LifeTRNDS, SAfer, Tribute and Miggster. Crowd1 encourages members to Consume, Recommend and Sell the Crowd1 partner products to become a part of the active user pool and earn sales bonuses. A new product called Mindoe will be implemented in the product library this year, do not miss out.

Crowd1 Social Media

Then it was time for a presentation on social media, for more information about the social media channels Crowd1 is active on, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. These channels are updated daily and are a great source of information and Crowd1 News for members so that you don’t miss out on anything important. Please post a picture of you watching the event with your friends and family and do not forget to use the hashtag #Crowd1Events so that we and others in the Crowd1 community can see your pictures.

The full event can be found on the official YouTube channel.