Crowd1 Inspiration : Gaming Systems Is Not Just for Kids Anymore

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Many people think that gaming systems by Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox and others are only aimed at the youth market, and to some degree they are right. Kids and teens certainly make up a sizeable portion of the revenue stream for these gaming companies, buying millions of titles a year and influencing the purchase of millions more.But even though the youth market is a big part of the demand for gaming consoles, it is far from the only one. In fact, many gaming companies, including heavy hitters like Nintendo and Microsoft, have been actively courting customers in their 40s and 50s.


The enormous success of the Wii gaming console was one of the first signs that the market for gaming consoles and the games that go with them went far beyond the younger crowd. While the Wii was popular with the younger set and many games catered to their tastes, even more adults used the gaming console as a fun way to exercise.The growing demand for those active titles encouraged more gaming companies to explore this new older market, and that process continues to this day. These days customers of all ages can find titles that they are interested in.. Whether you want to simulate bowling in your living room, hit a fastball at a Major League ballpark or just relive the favorite video games of your youth, you can do it on a modern gaming console.


It is also worth noting that these days gaming consoles are not only used for gaming. The same fast connections and networking capabilities that helped make multi-player games a sensation also make gaming consoles great for streaming audio and video content. Indeed, gaming consoles remain the most popular way to stream movies on Netflix and other services. The growing availability and falling cost of smart and web-enabled TVs have cut into the market share a little, but many customers still prefer the stability and ease of use of the traditional gaming console.


As you can see, gaming consoles are not just for kids anymore. If you do not have kids or if your kids are grown and gone, that is no reason to give up the fun, excitement and practical features of a good gaming console. Whether you choose the latest offering by Nintendo, the newest Xbox from Microsoft or the ever-popular PlayStation, you can enjoy a host of benefits.


From streaming movies in your living room to challenging friends from around the world to a round of golf, gaming consoles can open up an entirely new world of possibilities.

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