Guest Post by United Minds

Today's Crowd1 blog post is a guest post by United Minds.

Humans are inherently social animals, not made to exist in isolation. The past year and a half has tested our need for human connection due to the worldwide pandemic and emphasised just how much we need it in our daily lives. 

Being good at your job or a skilled business person isn’t just about working hard, but also securing positive connections with those you meet. With the opening up of some borders and some businesses returning to the office, why not put your social skills into practise with our tips below.

3 Ways to be more sociable 

1. Attend networking events. Networking events are a useful tool for professionals to meet other like minded souls or those in the same industry.

You never know who you’ll meet and how they’ll come in handy one day, whether a vacancy at a company or a future collaborative project. Don’t forget to hand out and keep track of business cards. Many online networking events also are seen popping up these days.

2. Join an online club. From creative writing, to a book club, to an online scrabble tournament, the internet has allowed people to be sociable without even leaving the comfort of home.

3. Pick up the phone. Although we live in the day and age of texting, there’s nothing like actually catching up with an old friend or a business associate on the phone- where it’s easier to understand subtle messages like tone of voice.