Hanna Kimblad - the brain behind the events

The location is secret, her intentions are not. She is here to deliver the best possible experience for every single person who has purchased a ticket to the event. Meet Hanna Kimblad, the mastermind behind Crowd1 events. Right now, Hanna is preparing for the next Online World Recognition Event which takes place on October 10th.

Hanna Kimblad is of Swedish nationality but has spent the last 15 years abroad together with her six-year-old daughter. Her background was in corporate finance. So how did the move into events happen?

“The career switch to events was really not a clear cut move; it kind of just happened. I think a lot of the moves you make in your career aren't really planned. Opportunities just come along sometimes.”

Hanna was approached by Crowd1 back in the fall of 2019. She was asked to take on the role of event and travel coordinator – a title she was previously unfamiliar with. “In all my professional careers, I always liked the events I attended or contributed to. You meet a lot of people, and it's always exhilarating. In many cases, you can say a lot about a company's culture by the events they put on.”

In November, Crowd1 hosted their first-ever event in Johannesburg, South Africa, with Hanna at the wheel. She remembers the experience fondly, but it didn't go without obstacles she admits. “There was a lot to do in a very short amount of time, but once the time arrived we felt more ready than ever.”

Two additional events blew off the staple in Manilla, Philippines, and then Durban, South Africa. Then came Corona, which immediately put the breaks on any big gatherings of groups. Unafraid of the new challenges it would pose, Hanna took a risk and revealed the concept of online events. It was going to take some brainstorming and new methods to pull it off. But what were the challenges?

“It's a change of structure of how you shape the events and how you reach your viewer and audience when they are not physically in the room. You don't want to lose the connection with the viewer, and you certainly don't want to lose the energy.” 

The full article, including Hanna’s top 5 tips to create the perfect event, is available in CROWD Magazine volume 3. Physical and digital copies are available for purchase in the C-store.