How to be Your Best Self at Work

At work, we all aspire to be our best selves. We want to be able to add our talents and knowledge to the organization while also being a useful asset. Everyone has bad and good days, but learning how to tackle them to become the best professional version of yourself is the key. Keep on reading to find out some great ways to have fun while staying a professional.

Find a new hobby

Maintaining a few hobbies outside of work is beneficial for your overall health. It activates your brain and will help you relax after a busy day at work to give your brain a well deserved break. A change of scenery offers a moment to breathe and can help you feel accomplished in other areas of life. These activities can be anything from cooking, pottery classes, playing an instrument, rebuilding cars or painting. Being well-rounded is not only important for students applying for university, this quality is what defines and differentiates us as professionals as well.

Relieve stress 

Sometimes we can find ourselves carrying the stress of the previous week, even the previous month. The point is to reset and leave behind the worries and concerns of the day. It may be with yoga, running, meditating or jamming to your favorite song -- whatever works for you. When we are stressed our minds can’t focus or work properly which makes a lot of our everyday tasks a lot more complicated than they should be. Learning how to meditate and how to do breathing exercises is proven to be an efficient stress reliever.

Be solution-oriented

No one wants to be that colleague that annoys others by pointing out issues but never offering solutions or helping to resolve them. Make sure to always be part of the solution and offer you views and ideas on how to tackle problems. Be creative and suggest new things. Maybe your point of view is completely different from your colleagues, and who knows, maybe a problem is solved solely thanks to you.

Understand your boss and employer

It isn’t necessary to be best buddies with your boss, however having a general understanding of your employer and management is important. By knowing and understanding your bosses expectations as well as how they think and act you can in turn perform better at work.Having an understanding for the organization's goals, mission and vision will absolutely help bring them alive. When you have fully understood what expectations they have on you there is nothing stopping you from becoming a valuable asset to the company.

Be a team player

In most professions and workplaces you are going to be, in one way or another, part of a team. Therefore the skill of being a good team player is always handy. By constantly checking yourself and reviewing how well you actually can communicate and collaborate with others as well as analysing your work relationship with others you’ll become your best self. Ask people about their day, life and hobbies to get to know them better.