How to Grow your Network using Social Media

What is free, easy to use, at your fingertips and consumed by almost 4 billion people every day? Yes, we’re talking about social media.

Did you know that more than 90% of expert marketers use social media channels to benefit their clients? Yet only half of small businesses do. And what is your Crowd1 network but your own, personal small business? Optimally using your social media will help you engage with your team and, of course, grow it! Be part of the Crowd1revolution by using social media. But where do you start? Crowd1 is here to help!


All successful small businesses have a socialmarketing strategy. Set your goals, see what your competitors are doing (and how you can improve), make your Crowd1 message stand out, listen to your audience and stick to your plan!


You want potential team members to start talking about you and Crowd1, so first off, make sure that you keep your message ex-citing! Share photos of what you have been getting up to related to Crowd1. Yes, we mean playing Miggster games, searching for holi-day fun on LifeTRNDS, your new meditation practice learned from Mindoe, or your new pix package from PlanetIX. Whether it’s a Tik-Tok, Instagram or Facebook story, or a Twitter post, show the fun!


Make it personal. What made you join Crowd1 and how did it change your life?


What can be more motivating to potential team members than seeing how successful they can be? Show off your new car, new handbag or plane tickets to an exotic destination. Make sure to mention that Crowd1 got you there!


Choose your message, and stick with it. If you keep the same branding message, people will remember you. Crowd1 has an exciting new hashtag to use: #unleashingopportunities. Be sure to always use it in all your posts!


Yes, we’re talking about compliance. Familiarise yourself with the do’s and don’t to make sure you don’t get kicked off the Crowd1 platform. Never misrepresent the company, and always make sure to use the provided standard messaging in your communications.