ICT group CEO Johan Staël von Holstein on the GIG economy

This article is written by the CEO of Impact Crowd Technology (ICT) group Johan Staël von Holstein.

Life has dealt us a card, a difficult one, and we have to adapt. The greatest test of success will be to see who is able to prevail in this new economic climate. Your determination to take control, make the necessary sacrifices and adapt will make the result. 

The entire global population has entered into a stage of inevitable and profound uncertainty in the post- covid world. On one level, there’s the obvious: Global financial markets have imploded as death tolls in global and local societies continue to rise under covid-19. More overwhelmingly, the economies are trembling, and in some cases, collapsing. We have reached a point, where economies are experiencing destruction not mere disruption.

In a post-covid world, we are seeing that people’s economic narratives are changing. Life has dealt us a card, a difficult one, and we have to adapt. In a time of crisis, the line between more and lesser exposed societies becomes clear. The harsh reality of the covid pandemic has hit, and it will hit the weak and underprivileged societies the hardest. When pushed, peoples first instinct is to look out for themselves, meaning that there will be even less help to find for the deprived.

This points to a definitive, deeper matter. You, me, and entire societies will have to shape up, be creative, try harder, work harder, dig-in, and sacrifice. Individual and personal responsibility is becoming ever more important. When the tough gets going the going gets tough, and we have an obligation, not only to help ourselves but also to help others. The covid pandemic will force us to reverse our habitual reaction to a crisis; we have to be strong, not just for ourselves, but for others too. When it’s all over, we will be judged by how we reacted, how we made sacrifices, showed commitment and resilience for family, friends and the community as a whole.

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