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Business Globe articles you should read today

If you are interested in cryptocurrency and NFT’s, Business Globe is perfect for you. Each week the news site will cover a bunch of blockchain related news, information about new cryptocurrencies and much more. 

With the new technology there have come challenges, such as fraud companies creating scam cryptocurrencies in an effort to scam investors. Read an article about a scam cryptocurrency called “Squid” at Business Globe. Here’s a link. If you want to read about why the famous American movie director Quentin Tarantino’s NFT plans got him sued, here’s a link

In many aspects, the past year has been different, but one of the most significant changes is how and where we work. People all over the world have had to adjust to the new circumstances and work from home more frequently. Working from home has a number of hurdles, including not just learning how to connect to zoom and mute your microphone, but also balancing your personal and business lives. One of Business Globe's recent articles offers some sound advice that you can put into practice in your daily life. Here’s a link.

Get to know travel guru Mark Seyforth a little better by reading this interview with him. Here’s the link.