ICT group CEO Johan Staël von Holstein: "LifeTRNDS will strike further momentum on the global gig economy"

The CEO of ICT group, Johan Staël von Holstein, was recently interviewed by the Swedish media outlet industritorget regarding the successes of the collaboration with the travel and booking agency LifeTRNDS. In addition to this, Staël von Holstein also shared views into what impact the 2.2 million LifeTRNDS registered Crowd1 members will have on the global gig-economy. 

The article was originally published on Industritorget.se in Swedish. The following article has been translated into English for audience purposes.

ICT Group and Crowd1 present new partnerships and collaborations as a result of the lifting of restrictions imposed on the travel industry and the re-opening of borders for tourism. The travel site LifeTRNDS is one of the new platforms that will give additional power to the global gig economy.

- We must of course continue to have great respect for the pandemic that prevails, but at the same time also allow ourselves to strive forward and to plan for what is ahead. For ICT Group and Crowd1, this is undeniably a step in the right direction, says Johan Staël von Holstein, CEO of ICT Group

On July 4th, 2020, Crowd1 and ICT Group organized a digital live event with approximately 2.5 million attendees from around the world, where the organization's new partnerships and products were presented to Crowd1 members. According to Johan Staël von Holstein, this is completely in line with the planning for the third quarter of 2020.

- As with so many other industries, we lost momentum in correlation with the Covid-19 pandemic's tremendous outbreak. I was also personally infected actually, but regardless of the difficulties the pandemic has created for me and for almost everyone around the world, the organisation was able to recover surprisingly quickly. The vision and goal still remain the same which is that the network will continue to grow every quarter. LifeTRNDS is a digital platform focusing on travel and accommodation worldwide and was founded in 1986, and is a collaboration and merge between Travel 10 USA and Custom Travel Solutions. LifeTRNDS primarily competes with Booking and Expedia for market share. Crowd1's members will be able to book discounted trips and receive bonuses according to the compensation plan that applies. Since the launch of LifeTRNDS, more than 2,2 million Crowd1 members have registered on the website and began consuming and promoting products provided through LifeTRNDS’s services. 

-There are already plenty of travel and booking engines on the market, which is why we were looking for something completely new and different. LifeTRNDS meets all the requirements we have on our partners and through this collaboration, we will be able to strike further momentum on the global gig economy, says CEO Johan Stael von Holstein.

As part of the digital event, two new partners residing in the African market were also presented, health and safety application called SAfer (South Africa's fastest security response) and Tribute Lifestyle, which specializes in beauty products. With these partners, ICT Group and Crowd1 currently have five different products in their network portfolio hence consolidating is position as the leading network organization. 

In addition with the new products presented at the event, Jens Lorentsson, CTO of ICT Group, reported on the technical development and updates required to cope with the increase of approximately 15 percent in memberships every month. Attendees of the event also got live performances and entertainment from world-class artists such as musical star Karl Dyall, the well-known Eurovision Song Contest artists Sarah Dawn Finer and Loreen among many others. 

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