June 2021 Company Update

31 million members.

Yes, that’s right. That’s how many people have become part of the Crowd1 member family. This unbelievable rate of growth demands that our expansion plans ramp up too. Jonathan Ström, Head of Network Operations at the ICT Group has some great news: we are growing our support networks and opening up new offices – and we are doing so worldwide. Ström said: “We are an online revolution, and we are there to support you as we grow together”.

He went on to state: “We promised you that we would hire the best, most capable people – and that’s what we are in the process of doing right now”. 

As the support will span languages and time zones, we can now share news about the following: The Dubai office, in the United Arab Emirates, will rapidly become one of our largest and most productive support locations. Our VIP support will also be broadened and be better than ever. In South America, we have an Area Manager stationed in Bogotá (Colombia), whilst in Africa we now have an Area Manager in Nigeria (in addition to our Office Manager in South Africa). Subject to COVID-19 restrictions, we plan on expanding exponentially in Asia, with several offices in the pipeline.

Crowd1 will deliver in giving our members the best foundation for success, thereby changing the lives of millions. The opening of these offices is testament to that. Ström concludes: “We are here to support you to unleash your opportunities”. We can’t wait!