LifeTRNDS Testimonial Video

During the Miggster launch event, the team behind the Crowd1 blog got the exclusive opportunity of interviewing some of the top leaders that attended the Miggster launch experience in Stockholm, Sweden. The top leaders were asked questions about themselves in addition to their personal connections to LifeTRNDS. 

In the interview with the dutch Director***, Eddy Knoop, told the team behind the Crowd1 that the best reason to use LifeTRNDS instead of other booking platforms is that LifeTRNDS offers a much larger library of unique hotels than almost all other booking platforms. In this interview, Knoop stated that he has found hotels and destinations on the LifeTRNDS site that he could not find on other online traveling agencies. Knoop followed up this statement by saying that LifeTRNDS offers breathtaking experiences that simply cannot be found elsewhere. 

The British director *, Amir Barlas, continued the interview montage by emphasizing LifeTRNDS importance by stating that it is a must-have product for everyone willing to travel the world. Barlas continues by expressing his true satisfaction for LifeTRNDS as it allows him to fulfill his dreams and visit his dream destinations, while still earning money. 

The Polish Director**, Tomasz Nyikó, considers LifeTRNDS as a product with massive potential and he uses it regularly when he travels around the world for Crowd1 meetings, conferences, events, etc. Nyikó also told the team behind the Crowd1 blog that he saved him almost 800 USD when he booked his hotel room in Dubai through LifeTRNDS. 

In the interview with the British Director**, Mohammed Haque told the team behind the Crowd1 blog that the platinum membership with LifeTRNDS gave him an opportunity to travel the world effortlessly. The platinum membership, furthermore, enabled him to travel the world at a much lower price while getting generous cashback through the cashback systems the platinum members get. 

LifeTRNDS Platinum Membership is exclusively presented to Crowd1 members and invites them to the new world of the most beneficial prices and bookings. 

While saving thousands on large discounts, the Platinum Membership allows you to choose among millions of hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, and cruises.

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