Mother's Day

On Sunday, May 9th, 2021, the International Mother's Day was celebrated. Mother's Day is celebrated all over the world as a day to honor mothers and the motherly relationships that exist within families. Every year on the second Sunday in May, which this year fell on the 9th of May, the International Mother's Day is an important event.

This day is also extended to several generations of mothers, including grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and stepmothers, as well as mother figures.

Children normally buy presents, throw parties, and do things for their mothers on this day to show their affection, gratitude, and appreciation for them. Mothers are usually relieved of all responsibilities and able to relax while the rest of the family takes over.

And, given that many moms' workloads have tripled as a result of the coronavirus quarantine, this is an opportunity to ensure that our mothers, who serve as makeshift teachers, cooks, doctors, counselors, friends, and all other roles that are required of them, are treated like queens, even if only for a day.

Give your mother or grandmother a hug or call her to tell her how much you appreciate her!