New CROWD Magazine Out Now!

If you thought it wasn’t possible to beat our last issue, then think again! CROWD Magazine is back and the latest issue, Vol.11,  is better than ever.

This issue boasts a special, one-of-a-kind, closer look at PLANET IX, through an interview with its Creative Director, Felipe Dunley, a must-read for Crowd1 members looking to help settle the new land and explore the game that will change an entire industry.

It also contains an exciting behind the scenes look at the July 3rd Mega Event, interviews with LifeTRNDS Founder Mark Seyforth and Crowd1 Ambassador Anthony Chatelain, as well as the unforgettable Dubai VIP trip that lucky Crowd1 Leaders got to experience.

As usual, there is exciting information about our product updates and launches, like LinkMe and one of our newest ventures, MultiWallet. We give you the best tips in the business world, too: an article on how to successfully run a sustainable business, and how to grow your community with social media. 

Pick up an issue and be inspired by the impactors in our community, or be awed by heartfelt stories of good from around the globe. Whatever your interest, Crowd Magazine has you covered!

You can get your hands on the exciting new issue by downloading Vol.11 in your back office at Crowd1 now, either by downloading a digital version or ordering a physical copy.

CROWD Magazine Vol. 3

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