Performance by Peter Jakobsson

Never be impressed by peoples outer things—material or non-material. Be impressed by people's inner things. Outer things never build anything on earth. Inner thinking builds outer things. The best things in life are invisible. Love, caring, and empathy are invisible. You can't see those qualities, but you can see the effect of using them: cause and effect.

Performance comes from the inside...You maybe didn't know that you were designed for success, but you are. You came here winning. Everything we humans created came first from a thought, cause and effect—no effect without a cause and no success without a goal. Everyone can learn to change their thinking and therefore change their lives.

So why are people not super successful if it is that easy to do. It's also easy NOT TO DO! Most people who are fulfilling their dreams and living a full life have something in common—they don't base their decision out of fear. Fear is a success killer. Fear will hold people back. Fear makes people hesitate. Fear makes people lie and try to take short cuts. But there are no shortcuts in life, no elevator to success. Everyone has to take the stairs.

Ignorance and fear are buddies. They come together, and that's why we stress education and personal development. Personal development is the only cure for ignorance. Knowledge will make people rich inside, and whatever is on the inside will eventually show itself on the outside: cause and effect. Fear comes from indecisiveness. The cure for indecisiveness is action. And action comes from setting goals and working on those goals with determination and discipline. When people realise that they can change their life by changing the way they think, step by step they will know it's in their reach. That's a great feeling. And if you do that the rest of your life will be the BEST of your life... Because you are not who you think you are. You are who you THINK you are.