The Domino Effect with Peter Jakobsson

When you made up your mind to start a new business, maybe it was because you wanted a change in your life. You were tired of not having enough or just tired of being sick and tired. That's the most common reason for people to start something new. Some people want a financial or material change, and some just want to spread their wings and try something new because it looks fun and interesting.

Responsibility and discipline are two things you can't succeed without. Any kind of business involves responsibility and some type of leadership. Even if it's only yourself, you are leading. You need to take charge of yourself with discipline before you can lead someone else. It's you, and no one else, that needs to make those decisions that will lead to your success. No one will ever do it for you. Therefore, you need to set those goals and make an action plan. And then start taking ACTION. Massive action.

Remember you are not who you think you are, you are who you THINK you are. 

For the full article written by Peter Jakobsson about The Domino Effect, check out the article originally published in CROWD magazine vol.4 at Crowd1.