Positive Perspectives pt. 2

Your internal story, that dialogue in your mind, creates your perspective. It decides whether you skip for joy or sit with your head in your hands. You might not have thought to change it or imagined it’s out of your control; but you are the captain of your mind and can direct your thoughts. Steer toward these three positive perspectives and your life will improve.

Tap into wisdom

Some poor decisions are unavoidable: they are learning curves that aid self-improvement. Others, though, are needless and produce negative consequences. Examples include harsh, regrettable words spoken in haste to someone you love, or rushing to work but leaving that important project folder on the kitchen table.

Stop occasionally and give yourself time to contemplate the possible outcomes of your actions. Slow down, and you will gain time rather than lose it because you'll make sage-like choices. You'll think before you speak and be better organized, and your wellbeing will improve since you evade needless pitfalls.

Make other people's happiness grow

One surefire way to improve your happiness is to increase other people's joy. Kindness and generosity have an immense impact on your frame of mind. When you give, whether it's your time or resources, feel-good chemicals escalate and boost positivity.

Be open to spot opportunities to enhance people's wellbeing. Remind yourself to seek the chance to give someone a helping hand, offer well-earned praise, and to listen properly, so others feel understood. You'll increase your pleasure, and that of others, while improving your mindset. Focus outwards, on others rather than on your concerns, and many of your worries will fade as your frame of mind lifts.

Note your blessings

Count your blessings and raise your perspective. There's much to appreciate in everyday life. Birdsong, the sunrise, ripe apples on a tree: Consider all the ways you are blessed. Emphasize your appreciation with recognition of those aspects of life that make your existence more comfortable or beautiful, yet you often take for granted.

Maybe, for instance, you love your pets and have a talent for cooking and a best friend to call when you're blue. Or you live in a gorgeous area, love your home, and the seeds you planted in spring are in full bloom. Make recognizing your blessings a daily event, and you'll be glad you're alive.

Make these three fresh perspectives yours and your wellbeing will change for the better. Your life will improve because your mood, even when not full-on sunshine, will be peaceful.